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Rules of Luigi


Honestly I didn’t know the shell was behind me, it was just perfect timing. He totally had it coming though.

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{ For those who did not make it tonight here is a recap of the race with squid-chan asktehbowz askladyrosalina and 5thplayer  } 

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Move over #LuigiDeathStare


Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of this one.

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So we tried our hand at making the most uneventful MK8 race to see what the highlight reel generator makes of it, with no items and driving as calmly and slowly and close to together as possible the whole time. But about half way through the second lap 10 minutes had already passed and the game just decided the race was over then.

Let’s put that 1.2 million sold in a better perspective.

Polygon posted this sales projection chart of the Mario Kart series based on Market share (hardware units sold) vs Mario Kart Units sold from the SNES all the way to Wii U, this was posted a few weeks to a month ago obviously.

Take a look, of course judging by past Hardware sales 2 years in 6.17M units is uhhh not that great so they took that number and estimated that Mario Kart 8 would have a sold at least 1.99M units by March of 2015.

It sold more than 1.2M in it’s first weekend and we still don’t even know how many hardware units the game has moved, we just know there was a 666% increase in hardware sales in the UK, that’s just once regions. That’s actually really great!!

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I was watching a replay and could not figure out why I added this one to my favorites. I never quite figured it out but I enjoyed the replay for different reasons.

Mario Kart 8: Best of MKTV Mash-ups

For the last week I’ve been breaking up my reading/editing/work schedule by finding and sharing funny Mario Kart 8 replay videos with friends between deadlines. The other day I saw someone on tumblr asking for collected list of good ones now that there are so many. I’m sure this is far from comprehensive, but here’s a start. The Waluigi ones might be my favorites. Enjoy: 

Roy / Mii: 

"Y’all made him lose his mind" 
"Get out of Luigi’s way"
"Reblog if you cry every time"
"The Luigi Death Stare"
"Luigi Gives Rosalina A Death Stare - Ridin’ Dirty Version"
"Karma’s as Sweet as a Daisy"
"Luigi’s Cheep Murder" 
"Luigi is Tired of Your Shit"
"Mario Kart 8: Luigi Trouble"
"Luigi rolls hard"

"Bowser gets destroyed"

"Waluigi in-Bound"
"You betta watch who you talkin bout" 

Shy Guy:
"Baby Luigi’s heart will go on….into a train." 

Donkey Kong:
"Donkey Kong last second win." 
"Donkey Kong’s Remorse." 

"every victory requires sacrifice"

PS: None of these are mine. All credit goes to the respective YouTubers/tumblr folks. I tried to get as far back in the chains as I could, but you know, be cool when sharing stuff.


Idk. I thought it was funny.