Let me present you Erik Raynal.




What are you doing right now in your life?

I´m currently in freelance as a fashion stylist/creative director from Paris to London, helping for Fashion week Rick Owens showroom this month in Paris and still working on my digital fashion and arts magazine MKR www.mkrmagazine.com

Meanwhile, try to enjoy Paris by seeing again some friends and family and living the parisian lifestyle (nice food, parties, shopping, exhibition….)

When you lack inspiration how do you find it again? 

I’m always inspired by small things that we can see, feel and touch everyday.

So when it is not enough for me I’m currently going to any interesting Art or Fashion exhibition, watching some old or new movies, computering a lot. I guess all the Fashion and Arts magazines that we can find online and in paper help me finding new inspiration.

I really like Nowness’s website www.nowness.com or Dazed digital www.dazeddigital.com for instance.

Also, I like going to the gym when I’m not very inspired (it helps a lot).

How does your life look like in five years? 

Hopefully still living in a big international city, having a job that I really like and provide enough money to travel and enjoy life!

The future is always unpredictable but I would like to still work in fashion/arts as a flexible person that combines projects and serious important jobs for big companies/brands.

Sunnies Prada/Dress x 2 COS