think my best friends got kidnapped last night and taken away to become part of an underground mexican drugs/nuclear weapons ring and are now working as slaves because they haven’t replied to my texts so that’s obviously what has happened ok

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Thanks for the reply! Will check out The Long Walk for sure, looks pretty gnarly. Glad there's a bit more of a B.R fandom on tumblr now, last I checked it was pretty small (admittedly that was a long time ago).

You really should! It is really good and the first thing I thought about when reading it, was how similar to was to BR. The Walk is less “brutal” than the Program, (in the sense that there’s no violence between the contestants, at least), so the horror of it is mostly psychological, which is what makes it so brilliant. I would love to hear your thoughts about it when you’re finished, particularly how you think it compares to BR.

And we both agree, there’s so many talented people participating in the fandom now, it’s great! There are some amazing gifs, graphics, fan art and fanfiction out there. It’s still a relatively small fandom though, which is why we appreciate all that hard work people do so much more!

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woke up, dropped our only lighter down the side of the bed, had to light my fag off the hob, made coffee and now i’m trying to get dodd the fuck out of bed so we can go to town because i wanna get a new phone and yesterday we slept alllll day and i cba