I felt like sketching tonight and I’ve been seeing so many older mystery kids art on my dash lately, especially Raz, so I thought I’d give it a try myself! It’s kind of fun to just draw something and not worry about making it super great ahh.

I used to see a lot of older Raz with this badass long scarf and I reaaaally like long scarves and I actually have one in this color scheme and every time I wear it I feel like Raz so I popped it on there don’t ask me what it’s doing I can’t draw clothes or actually anything past the shoulders for that matter sigh.

acetoneandnewlace said:

So I saw you in the kmart tab and I'm having my orientation on Thursday (for a cashier too) and I was wondering if you could give me a heads-up on the dress code? I can't find it ANYWHERE and it's driving me bonkers. Thank you!

Of course! My K-Mart has a blue shirt and black pants dress code. Any comfortable shoes are fine and any shade of blue, short sleeve or long. Your store might have different enforcements of the dress code, but that’s what we have to wear.





The artwork that I did for Afina’s Great Voice Acting Project. HUGE props to everyone who helped work on this and the biggest Thank You the world can ever know for inviting me on board. I had a lot of fun! (and earned an even greater appreciation for homestuck backgrounds—they are always lovely, but man they are even more lovely to draw.

Please check out the video! Everyone involved put in a lot of effort and it is more than worth it. :) <3s to you all!

Precious Baby. Let’s keep in mind, he designed this thing for himself. hahaha Iori, you look like you fell out of a Hellsing/SpiderMan cross over. Bless your precious nerd soul.

Here’s the fullsize because why not!