“I’ve had cops say shit to me about my gender. Once, these two white cops wrote me a ticket because I didn’t know that you have to pay before you got on this train in Newark. I told them that I had never ridden that train before and I could just feel their disbelief. They thought that I was a young, black hoodlum, and that I was lying. I was getting pissed, but I said, ‘Fine, if you want to take my money, just write me a fine and I’ll be on my way.’ One of the cops took my ID. While he filled everything out, he looked over at his partner and joked, ‘Which box do I check for gender?’ So I just fucking gave it to him: ‘Look… if you would like to make this the biggest headache of your life, we can do that. I’ll get both of your badge numbers, and I’ll happily take this where it needs to be taken.’ That’s when they realized that things were getting real and they let me go.” 

– Ryley Pogensky in our new episode of the What’s Underneath Project. Get Ryley’s full story and watch his video.