ATTENTION!!! AT MIDNIGHT THE FEATURE OF #I95 WILL FINALLY AIR !! Starring @yungblckactivist #MIZZARK and the DMVs Hottest Car Clubs!! WE GOT #SHOWOFF #UTC #QUEENSANDKINGS #HEADOFSTATE and more!!! Before anything though a Special thanks to @cultivated_life for this hook up! #Respect ! Thanks to the artists and the clubs y’all helped in a big way! STAY TUNED! #MIDNIGHTRELEASE

Art by @xmandv21 (Me)

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New Music Video maybe??? #johnylocus #mizzark

Me getting drunk and high at the sametime!...

Fuck it, I’m tired of being Mr. Nice Guy. I’ve always done “the right thing” while growing up (well most of the time), and that’s how I was raised, but nowadays niggas (not just dudes) wanna question me about it like “why?” The fuck you mean why? Because you’re suppose to “Do The Right Thing"…like Spike Lee, lol. I had this one person ask me "do you drink?" I said "No." Then they said "do you smoke?" I said "No." So this motherfucker had the nerve to ask me "then what do you do?" I looked at them with my WTF face. I was like WTF exactly do you mean? Is that your whole fucking life, drinking and smoking? If that’s so, I’m sure you won’t last long. “Then what do you do?” Really? Are you fucking serious? What kind of fucking question is that? I live my life, that’s what I do. I skate, I rap, I eat, I sleep, I sometimes exercise and playing video games. It seems like I’ve always been the “good boy” while growing up, and as I’ve gotten older, it has become more difficult to get people off my back about why I don’t do certain stuff. You do YOU and I’ma do ME! I have no problem whatsoever with people who occasionally smoke or drink because almost every I know or hangout with does those things, but for the niggas whose whole life is basically smoking and drinking, that is not a good look for you and I certainly would not stand by it in anyway. I know the commercials are corny as fuck but listen to them and live the fuck above the influence. That shit ain’t cool and it never will be. Sorry for being REAL.


Yup, I have officially copped these today…..

Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement

These are suppose to drop on Nov. 25th, 2011…but you know how much I love these shoes!

Good luck to the peeps standing in line the night of thanksgiving trying to get these…Swag out!