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I'm gonna go and ask for KanoShin BECAUSE THIS MEME LOOKS FUN E V E

If you can think of a ship, i will answer these questions for them

who cooks normally?: 

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Lilaaaa it's been so long aljdlfkjg Hope you're doing great * V * I need to catch you on Skype but meanwhile... I'm gonna ask... Tokyo Ghoul E V E


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{ Name } Mizukawa, Hanae / { Alias } Mizury (as in Misery), Honey.
{ Kanji } 水川, 花絵 / { Romanji } Mizukawa, Hanae
{ Sign } Aquarius / { Birthday } February 18th / { Age } 14

{ Race } Human / { Gender } Female / { Sex } Cis Female
{ Sexuality } Pansexual, panromantic
{ Height } 5’0” / { Weight } 99Ibs / { Blood Type } B
{ Eye Colour } Pale Blue / { Hair Colour } Black

{ Affiliation } None / { Occupation } Secondary School Student / Hobbyist Writer

{ Status } Alive / { Relatives } Tracey Howell (Stepmother), Jimmie Adams (Adopted Father), Jack Howell (Older Stepbrother), Ruby Howell (Older Stepsister)
{ Hobbies } Writing / { Favourite Food } Sherbert

{ Attributes }
{ Appearance }


Hanae has a petite body and a very feminine structured face. Her eyebrows are thin and natural. Her eyes are rather large and circular, holding a light blue hue, framed with thick, black eyelashes. Her nose is small, apparently being one of Hanae’s insecurities.

She doesn’t use any makeup. A few years ago, she had severe eczema surrounding her mouth due to her not knowing one of her allergies was stupid enough, orange soda. Her friends didn’t seem to mind it, one of them confessing that she looked like a porcupine.
{ Personality
Hanae appears to be a cool and insouciant girl, seeming to rule her class with her intelligence and writing, despite having exactly average results in tests. She is known to stick with one group of friends, other than two groups. She is a very good support then a leader.

Despite Hanae having the words cool and insouciant describing her, she’s one of the girls who doesn’t like to have repeated questions towards her. She’ll tell you once and only once the answer. Hanae always tells inappropriate and offensive jokes. She knows her manners but doesn’t often use them.

Whenever she gets angry, Hanae will facepalm repeatedly and rapidly at the person who caused her to feel that way. Frustration will always get the best of her.

{ History }
Coming out of the womb on 18th of February in Nagaoka, capital city of Niigata, Hanae Mizukawa was born. Unfortunately, for the girl, her mother was a prostitute already having a girl not far from Hanae’s age.

However, Hanae didn’t care. Jimmie Adams came along and stuck his middle finger up at her mother, now and officially taking responsibility of Hanae encouraged by the law.

Hanae was raised by Jimmie and his father in a house in Yawata, city inside of Kyoto. They didn’t have a lot of money but they somehow managed. Tracey Howell then came along, taking her children with here due to an abusive, alcoholic husband. She had a lot of money, having the job of a nurse in intensive care.

Hanae loved Tracey and her children to bits. Jack, a son to Tracey, pointing out that Hanae looked like the grudge if she covered her face with her hair. Giggles and laughter were shared despite Hanae getting jealous of Tracey giving more affection to Jack and Ruby other than her. But now she gets the affection!

Wisely, Hanae pointed out that Tracey should not buy another room in the house. She could just buy another house! And so she did… they lived happily together, despite Jimmie drinking constantly on vodka. Police was called and so he was taken away… but then came back with a job, mental help and more~! ♥ But before that happened, not so long ago, Ruby left to live with her biological father due to not handling the arguments so well.

{ Trivia }

  • Hanae is slightly based on the mun. The eczema is truth. The allergy, her friends, based on the mun.
  • Tracey Howell is now a Director of Operations aka a stay-at-home mum while as Jimmie Howell is currently a builder.
  • Hanae knows English fluently due to being with Tracey, Jack, Jimmie, Ruby, etc for a long time and visiting England regularly.

{ Faceclaim } Motomiya Mao

Day 04: Your favourite male character and why

I bet you totally didn’t expect it to be Kano 8V

I can’t start to list all the reasons why he’s my favourite. But his crazy awesome personnality and the fact that he’s hot cute are definitely one of them |D

When I’ll be able to draw him nicely is another issue—