The gay community can be so blatantly racist in the name of “preference”

"Sorry, dude! You’re black."
“Black guys don’t message me.”
“Don’t take it personal.”
“No offense”

How exactly am I not supposed to take it personally that you’re stating my attractiveness is based solely on my skin color? How am I supposed to not take offense that you’re stating that you aren’t interested based on my “blackness” which in the gay world is apparently a crippling disease?

I’m sorry that I’m not your blonde hair, blue eyed 130 lbs twink.

Actually, I’m not sorry. I don’t apologize that my skin is a beautiful shade of light caramel, that my hair is curly, or that my butt has more muscle than you can handle. I’m not sorry that there is hair on my chest and that I’m built to be solid, muscular person and not your little TinkerBell. I’m a half black, half white man. I’m proud of my heritage, my culture, my genes.

We as the gay community always are upset because we are not accepted in the world, when we in fact can’t accept each other.

Mixed-race fetishization is an issue that needs way more awareness as it is extremely harmful to all POC. Because there are people who date interracially just so that they can have “pretty mixed babies”. So not only do they fetishize monoracial POC, but they also objectify and sexualize their own offspring and if you don’t think that’s fucked up then I don’t know what to tell you.

mixed race people with white ancestry aren’t “part white” unless they personally identify that way

it’s like mixing blue and red paint to get purple and then, after that’s done, asking “so which part of the paint is blue?”

none of it. that’s the point. it’s mixed.

YoNasDa Lonewolf Hill, Mixed Black-Lakota Activist

"It is an honor to have two rich heritages running through my veins, but at times it was hard as well. Because I am brown skinned (not looking like the stereotypical mixed person) I was constantly in defense of American Indians in school, when the children didn’t think I was Native American, and they would poke fun of us during Thanksgiving by calling us “red skins,” “Indian givers,” and making “hey ya ya” sounds. The same way I felt as a child by standing up for who I am, I am the same way today." ~Queen YoNasDa

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[Not so] friendly reminder that not all mixed Black girls look the same:

  • we do not all have light skin, light eyes, and/or naturally straight/”loosely curled” hair
  • light skin ≠ mixed
  • there are light skinned Black girls who are not mixed
  • likewise there are mixed Black girls who are dark skinned
  • seriously, there are a lot of mixed Black girls who are more or less monoracial-passing
  • and it’s still a really shitty thing to invalidate her identity by insisting she “doesn’t look mixed”
  • "mixed" is not synonymous with "half white"
  • we don’t exist to be your “best of both worlds”
  • or to be your gross “choco-vanilla swirl” fetishes
  • putting us on a pedestal above monoracial Black women is not a fucking compliment, it’s just gross
  • because even though we may be mixed and that may be an important part of our identity
  • we are still Black girls