mixed race people with white ancestry aren’t “part white” unless they personally identify that way

it’s like mixing blue and red paint to get purple and then, after that’s done, asking “so which part of the paint is blue?”

none of it. that’s the point. it’s mixed.

Okay but seriously let me ever meet a bitch that thinks that transracial is a legitimate thing like transgender
You wish you were ___________? You think it’s “cute” to be mixed?

Bitch please

Get your no-nothing white ass up out that chair at Starbucks and go talk to some mixed folk. 

Talk to them about what it feels like to not look like what they think they should.

Talk to them about dual-ethnic rejection.

Talk to them about having half a family that doesn’t think they’re an actual human.

Talk to them about having 









about them be criticized for not being “_______” enough, for not being “authentically” _________.

Talk to them about the dysphoria and the crying because they don’t look like their People.

Talk to them about family telling them what they are.

Talk to them about “what are you though?”

Talk to them about “mutt”

Talk to them about “are you sure?”

Talk to them about being afraid to wear their cultures proud while you misplace that bindi and blaspheme and call that mess locs.

Talk to them about what it feels like to have a language ripped out of their mouth , with your super kawaii self. 

Talk to them about being called a wannabe.

Talk to them about fractions.

Talk to them about their name and how it means “she who is queen over all things” and how it feels to only have people hear “wellfarequeenisha.”

Talk to some mama who wanted a mixed child for the sake of having a mixed child, some mama who couldn’t find it in her vocabulary to describe the skin of her daughter, who was born with skin so beautifully black it was like the sky at midnight, charged with holding the moon and the stars and suns and whole cosmos she couldn’t even imagine were there. Talk to that mama about how her child a disappointment.

Talk to them about struggle. Talk to them about the difference between white and white-passing. About the grey area between one identity and another. About the blood and bone and skin amd sinew that should serve as enough identification to prove humanity. Talk to them about how, for them, it ain’t never been enough.

And then please, please come at me with some “I shoulda been born________”

I dare you.