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There. Are. Mixed. Black. People. Who. Are. Dark. Naomi Campbell, Ne-Yo, Alfred Enoch are all mixed, black and dark. Fuck your one sided view that mixed must navigate towards whiteness and erasing us from our struggled with being dark and mixed. Just like there are white passing mixed black people there are mixed black people who do not have hint of white or other ethnic features. I’m tired of your ignorance and closed mindedness.

Mixed race thread

Mixed race thread

I find that Pure race is disproportionate. Asians look too childlike, blacks look too assertive, and white women look to masculine, with their big noses and jawbones. Each extremity has its beauties, but they tend to be unbalanced. Mixed race is superiour.

Mixed race thread

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I'm okay with being single for life.

Most folks have a mental breakdown when they think about being single for the rest of their life. Most folks trade the sanctity of their mind and body for a relationship. A relationship isn’t worth losing who you are. It’s not worth losing your passion for life. It’s not worth invalidating your thoughts and feelings. I cannot/will not date anyone just for the sake of not being alone. Its better to be alone by choice, versus alone while in a relationship. I cannot/will not date someone so I can prove to others (social networks/friends/family) that I’m capable of having someone. I don’t want to date for show. I’d rather post pictures of me eating a bucket of ice cream by myself. Single is not always the worst option. It’s okay to nurture yourself. It’s okay to take yourself on dates. Take yourself shopping. Have a drink by yourself. Society has made it seem as though being alone makes you less of a person. We’ve inherited a dependency on others. A dependency on love. “If I don’t have anyone, I’m worth nothing”. I consider relationships an “if” and not “when”. “IF” I find the right partner I will date. Sometimes “when” never comes. But if I never do, I am okay being single for the rest of my life.

-My thoughts over red wine

I’ve got into a really bad habit of looking at pictures of really pretty mixed race/black females or women with bodies I will never ever have and all it achieves is making me feel awful, useless and even more ugly and unattractive than I usually feel on a day to day basis :-)

Belated Recommendation for MLK Jr. Day

I’m late, I know, but in honor of Martin Luther King Jr, I recommend this classic of African American literature. The book centers on two mixed-race women who each “pass” as either white or black, resulting in a complex commentary on race and gender in American society. 

Passing -Nella Larsen

Credit to the brilliant Dr. Tayana Hardin

How I feel about this Lighter Girls documentary

There are levels to colorism.

I don’t doubt the legitimacy of the expereinces of lightly melanin containing women. These are very real and true to life issues.

I also don’t think the thing we* need right now is sympathy toward a subsection of our race/people group that experiences and positive and favorable stereyotypes.

Focusing on struggles of emotional hurts of a subset of our race downplays the REAL issues that KILL members of our race and lead to social immobilty, mental encapsulation, of or youth.

Yes, women of lighter completion experience a unique intersection of discrimination and disrespect. Yes, lighter and mixed race women have been mistreated by more than one race and have experienced disrespect and possible even abuse from one of their races.

HOWEVER, there is a particular LIGHTER race that SLAUGHTERED this mixed or light skinned girl’s ancestors, denied them the right to voting and receiving quality education. These tragedies occured DISPROPORTIONATLEY more often and with more grave consequences in the lives of this girls DARKER ancestors than to her lighter ones.

I’ll watch the show. And I’m more than willing to bring awareness to the struggles of any of my fellow women of color, I just don’t want mainstream media and our society to become distracted.

Don’t let them distract** you from the BIG ISSUE at hand by focusing your attention on a details and nuasnse like colorism in the black community.

Stay focused*** on developing the necessary revoltion or deciding what your role in the current one will be.

*women of the African diaspora, humans of the African diaspora, humans, women, black women, women of color, women in a targeted racial group

**Other/Recent distraction techniques: rhetoric around the topic of black on black crime, Ebola, the sports industry

*** How? Take note and analyze what TV shows, Facebook post, vines, twitters you find yourself faced wit. These things make you ‘comfortable’ for a reason.

Stand back and take a look at the things the media tries to make people comfortable seeing.


I need YOU. I need your experiences. I need your stories.

My final project for my Visual Culture studio class is to create art pieces centered around something that I am passionate about. I chose the experiences of women of color and they are different from nonwhite women. I intend the final piece to be art posters placed around different parts of New York City. 

I would really appreciate it if various women of color could submit written stories about their experiences. 

There is no exact format, but here are a few questions to consider in your writing:

1) Are there any situations where you as a nonwhite woman felt you were treated differently from a white woman?

2) Are there certain things you feel you are unable to do because you are a woman of color? What kinds of things?

3) State any additional experiences: injustices you face, things you are afraid of..etc.

I would really appreciate all the help I could get! You don’t have to be in New York City to submit to this and if you do submit, let me know whether you are comfortable with me using your name in the final installation piece!

I will be collecting submissions until April 5, 2014!

E-mail me at: auduh013@newschool.edu or send me a message on Tumblr!

I really hope to hear from you! 


"Without You" by Lee Michelle