Complex : Jhené Aiko Goes Under The Needle

A Beautiful Canvas and Gorgeous Body Art Come Together To Form The Masterpiece That Is jheneaiko.

Jhené’s latest EP ,“Sail Out”, is available now on iTunes (HERE).

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Oh hey remember when I was gushing about Gargoyles for introducing a black disabled Vietnam vet in an episode promoting reading?  Who became a fantasy author after getting blinded in the field of duty when he was nearly 40 and only stopped writing because he ran out of inspiration?

And helped inspire the oldest member of the heroes’ team to learn how to read himself?  And subsequently became a minor recurring character whose blindness was just an aspect of his character and not a plot point or focus on a Very Special Episode?  

Because I really thought that was cool.

(and hilarious because I scrolled down my dash after posting this and someone posted a nice retort of an ask whining about diversity ruining plots)