Mixed Media Art from Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell  ( Greedy Hen )

Greedy Hen is a multi-disciplinary, Sydney-based studio made up of artists Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell who together utilise a variety of traditional mediums, including collage, drawing, animation, light projection and 3D paper sculpture, to create compelling, playful pieces which “allude to unwritten fables and subtle off-kilter sinister elements lurking amongst a kinderesque beauty.” The studio is particularly sought after by musicians and Brickman and Mitchell have created albums covers, posters and music videos for acts like Megan Washington, Cloud Control, Josh Pyke, The Waifs, Florence And The Machine, Animal Collective and Clare Bowditch.

Kate Mitchell’s practice includes performance-based videos, projections and objects, drawings and conceptual offerings. Her work has consistently played with the joke and the cartooning of violence. Across many videos she performs the Disneyland impossible: cutting a hole around yourself with a saw; walking on a barrel; climbing a ladder while cutting rungs. Her performances are magical to watch, shocking and brave. In the work 9 to 5, for example, Mitchell becomes a sun dial staying out in the sun all day while time passes for her, marked by her own shadow.

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The tiger: A powerful symbol of courage and absolute power.

Did this as a sketch to celebrate my pieces getting into the AIGA SLC 100 show. <3

This tiger piece is now available on Society6 as well~*

So grab yourself a print, shirt, bag, and even a wall tapestry! <3


You can check out more of my work here:


Thanks for checking out my work!

Enjoy <3


Over the weekend, my mind was opened to a very interesting kind of ring-bound sketchbook. I bought another set of Faber-Castell Gelatos, this time with samples of textured pastes to experiment with: whipped spackle, glaze, glass bead glitter gel (?!) and the usual gel medium and gesso. Inside came this metal ring and different types of paper, all cut to make some sort of bohemian-looking sketchbook. I love it. It came with different types of chipboard, canvas paper and watercolor paper, and I added in some scrapbooking papers and more watercolor paper. 

Truthfully, my sketchbooks are getting full and my myopic love for notebooks has left me broke with so many notebooks and so few heavy cotton-paper sketchbooks. Wooo, go me! So now I can chop shop whatever’s left over the stick it on a ring! As a bonus, this thing doesn’t care about bulk, so texture ahoy!

Aaaaannnd it’s done!!! :D Well, ok, still need to sign it, but pretty much, it’s finished! That was really fun, and it was also my first watercolor piece in eons! So happy to have enough work space to get back to my paints now. (This was done as an illustration project for this prompt.) 

It’s getting kinda late, and I need to get some sleep soon, so I’ll try and reply to some of the recent comments on stuff tomorrow, but I at least wanted to share this for now. Also, tomorrow is art group, which means I’ll have a new prompt to share with you all quite soon, so stay tuned, and feel free to join any of the prompts I post at any time! :D