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If you have damaged ends like me, or are just transitioning from relaxed hair, please read!

OMG the “hanging Bantu knot” has got to be one of the best solutions for those rotten straight ends that we hate so much. All it is is a two-strand twist all the way down to the ends, and then a tiny Bantu knot at the bottom of the twist. I myself usually do this on old, stretched hair from a braidout. This style gives you the beautiful definition of a twist out with natural looking curls at the ends of the hair. The pictures above show the style before and after the takedown. The bottom two are on the first day and the second day (consecutively). Tell me these aren’t fabulous results?! Btw I tried Naptural85’s twist out method, along with her DIY Shea Butter mix. I actually like the normal two strand twist better for me but that Shea butter cream…I SWEAR by that stuff.

12 Things You Should Never Say To A Mixed Person

Growing up in a military family, I was exposed to so many different people and races. I never really saw the color of someone’s skin until it was brought to my attention. It took me a little while to realize that, even today, there are people who are genuinely unaware of how multicultural the world actually is.

I am half-white and half-black. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been asked about my race before any other question. Not how old I am, not what college did I graduate from, not where I work. No, it’s always the race question first. I understand that people are curious, but come on! Some of the things that I’ve been asked are completely rude and racist.