I don’t know how to put this but sometimes I’m kinda afraid to tell people what my nationality is. I’m mixed but I’m dark skinned. Some people don’t think it’s possible for a dark skinned person to be mixed. I always see posts with people making fun of dark skinned girls who say they’re mixed and I think it’s stupid. It’s a shame that I actually feel a little ashamed to say what my nationality actually is. To those who deny it: A multiracial person can have dark skin and kinky curly hair. We come in many different colors and hair types. Matter fact, ALL of us come in different colors and hair types and it’s beautiful. Most of us are mixed with something.

shoutout to 2nd generation immigrants who never truly felt at home in the country they live in but at the same time couldn’t connect with their parent’s culture much.

shoutout to mixed ppl who don’t really belong anywhere, who are too white to be ‘poc’ but constantly alienated by whites

y’all are valid n stuff!

I’m mixed half black, half white.

I love being mixed because it has opened my eyes to so many different things. I feel like I’m able to see things from many different perspectives and the mixed community, while small, is wonderful and I’m glad to be a part of it. Finally, I love my accepting family who have fought against their racist relatives to come together and create a loving home.

What is hard about being mixed is that it’s a struggle to find my place in the world. People are constantly denying my heritage because of my appearance. I’ve had people honestly try to correct me and dictate what race I am when I know damn well what blood is flowing through my veins. It’s frustrating when people act like you’re lyin about your heritage. And then people from both sides don’t want to claim you anyways so that’s rough. Plus, just like all people of color, there’s no representation for us out there. I remember looking up to Disney’s Pocahontas (as problematic as that was) because she was the closest to someone who looked like me in the cartoons I saw. And, while I realize that being racially ambiguous undoubtedly comes with some privilege, it has also made me a target of racism from all sorts of different angles. I’ve been called slurs directed towards latinxs, Asians, indigenous people etc… just cause disgusting racists need to find someone to scream at.

But, despite the negatives, I’m proud and glad to be mixed. I can’t imagine life any other way than with my beautiful mixed family.

Hi, I’m Halee. White & Native American- from Fond du Lac band of Ojibwe, to be exact. I’m very light skinned (living in Northern Wisconsin will do that to you no matter who you are) and what really irks me is when people with very minuscule amounts of Native ancestry do the whole “my great-great grandmother was a cherokee princess thing” because it really deters me from letting people know that I’m mixed white & native because I don’t want to seem like one of those people. My mom & her brothers never got registered w/in the tribe because they were adopted by a white man so it’s really all screwed up. Rolls are just wonky and have been wonky since they were set up.

But I’m very active w/ the native student association at my college and I even work for the Native & Indigenous cultures center where I spend most of my time making tobacco ties and wrapping dream catcher hoops!   

Mar.2, 2015

This morning we got up and ate breakfast. Its my nephew Eli’s 5th birthday, so we called him and sang happy birthday to him.

Its a sad day at our house because we have to put our dog Izzy, who is almost 9 years old, to sleep. 

She has been peeing and pooping in the house alot lately. So I made the appointment for 3pm. Kenzies boyfriend Bryce decided to come with us, as a support. Which was so nice. He took Izzy back with Kenzie and held her during the procedure. We are so sad.

Afterwords, we went to Jimmy Johns and ate a late lunch.  

Then we headed over to the pet store, and we ended up getting a bearded dragon for Kenzie. It was alot of fun. Kenzie drove haha and I sat in the back seat…which was super weird!

We got home and Bryce and Kenzie set up the aquarium.

Kenzie named him Zeus.

THe kids love him!

They played with him til bedtime!



Bre 20 chinese/white

My experience with being mixed has differed over time.  When I was younger I didn’t have as many freckles and most kids regarded me as though I was just chinese with the standard asian jokes.  Now that I’m older and the freckles have come in and I’ve grown my hair out a lot of guys make it out to be a big deal that I’m mixed.  Like people have straight up told me they like “halfies” or that they liked me because my long black hair is “exotic”.  One dude even tried to introduce me to a friend of his by saying “shes a half breed like you”. 

My mother who is chinese thinks we don’t have it as hard as we could and tells my sisters and me not to complain when we discuss the racism we deal with at home.  My dad who is white doesn’t see the problem with the my sisters high school putting on a production of miss saigon.  He questions us when we identify with being chinese since we were never taught to speak it and don’t get to participate in the culture very often.

I guess what I wanna say is it sucks sometimes, getting disparaging comments from both sides, but I’m glad I was born mixed.  I get a lot of strength from connecting with other mixed kids.  Hopefully we can get some more recognition and representation in the future!


Jordan Spencer is REAL! I just became fed up with people saying that the girl from the National Geographic magazine wasn’t a real person! She is! She’s Black/White mixed and has a younger sister and brother!

People actually do look like this! OMG hard to believe right? (seriously all you have to do is look at my blog and you’ll see there are quite a bunch of people who look like this in the world, myself included). She wasn’t modified in a lab or designed on a computer screen! Okay? So now you know this girl is real, all the people in that magazine are real! :) 

They also have instagrams if you wish to follow them



Tabi, 20, Black+white

This is me before I cut all my hair off, it was also (and still is) bleached. I’ve always had a struggle with my hair, between loving it and not knowing what to do with it. Having a white single dad for most of my life didn’t help either, and when my mom did show back up she didn’t know how to handle it anyway. I eventually learned how to make it happy, but decided it was too much work in the end.

I’ve been mistaken for every ethnicity under the sun and then treated funny after I say I’m part black. I’ve had guys say things about “never having a black girl before” and other gross comments about blackness said to me. If my ethnicity doesn’t come up, I like to pretend that I’m “undercover” and hear/ get to call people out on racist shit. 

Take that white supremacy.

Heey guys, my name is Constantine aka tumblr user dark-as-fuck. I am a 17y old demibody from Greece. 

I spend most of the time procrastinating on the internet, but when I dont, I will be probably drawing (you can see my art here), listening to music or sleeping. Some days, if I am feeling extra motivated, you will find me writing a book I am working on in my mother tongue, doing sfx makeup stuff on my face, taking photographs or maybe reading a book.

I run a Dark Pale blog, with a little bit of personal. I want to be friends with all my followers so feel free to message me here (I will answer privately if its too personal). If you ask nicely, I will check out your blog and maybe even follow you xx