I saw this recipe for Key Lime Cake this morning, so I had limes on my mind all day! I’m visiting my daughter, Abigail, at USF tomorrow, so I thought about making a double batch tonight and taking a loaf with me for her finals/exam week! The recipe can be found on #MixAndMatchMama blog. #reallygood #Delicious #desert #breakfastanydamtime #cake #soeasytomake #husbandapproved #keylimecake #keylimes #quickbread (at My Kitchen Lab)

Weekend Bites

Pink Lemonade Cake Balls

I needed a perfect Summer treat for the weekend at the lake house and cake balls made the cut. I have always been apprehensive to make these for a few reasons. 1- they are impossible to keep pretty in a perfect circle, which doesn’t do much for the presentation. 2- I had no idea how I was going to bake a cake in ball form. All in all, I like easy recipes with delicious results and when I found this recipe I was sold. Thanks to mixandmatchmama, this recipe was a breeze. My pink lemonade cake balls turned out delicious!


*1 box cake mix plus the ingredients to make a cake per box directions (I used Pink Lemonade Cake Mix)

*1 can store bought frosting (I used Pink lemonade)

*8 oz candy coating (chocolate or vanilla…whichever you choose)

*Sprinkles, nuts, coconut…whatever you want to be on the outside of the cake ball

Bake your cake per box directions in a 9x13 inch pan.  Once the cake has been baked and cooled, crumble your baked cake in a large mixing bowl.  Add entire container of store bought frosting to crumbled cake.  Combine cake crumbles and frosting together.  Using your hands, form cake mix into round balls (golf ball size or so).  Place each ball on a baking sheet lined with wax paper.  Once all of your balls are formed, place baking sheet in the freezer to firm (at least 4 hours but as much as over-night). Once you’re ready to start decorating your cake balls, leave them in the freezer and get everything else ready.  You want your cake balls really cold to help with the decorating.  In a microwavable bowl, melt your chocolate (stir every 30 seconds until all melted).  Once chocolate is melted, place a toothpick inside your first cake ball and dip it in the chocolate.  Once covered, remove back to wax paper and immediately decorate with sprinkles.  Then, dip your second ball in chocolate and repeat.

A few tips-
  • I had to put the cake and frosting mix in the freezer for about 40 minutes and that made for much easier ball forming.
  • When melting the chocolate, put a glass bowl on top of a pot with a little water in it so that the chocolate gets hot enough to melt, but it won’t burn.
  • I didn’t use sprinkles and I wish I would have. I think the sprinkles are the trick to keeping the balls in a perfect circle. I had chocolate rings around the bottom of mine that didn’t look too pretty.