"Wielding the blade of evil’s bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light."

Made for a Legend of Zelda knitting/crochet contest on DeviantArt.

Well, what to say first. I love Legend of Zelda? Well, duh! I chose Wind Waker because my brother and I spent a whole summer playing this game. I was 15 and he was 10. Making these, I remembered how much fun we had, even after beating the game! We would set up in the living room, bring snacks and comfy pillows and just chill together. I wouldn’t trade that for anything, and I actually wish I could just go back and and spend another day doing that. Annnnyway *pulls self back to 2014*,  um, yes, I made nordic style mittens. I started charting them and it took about 2 - 3 days to really be happy with them. I also drafted the pattern by myself and it is not based on another pattern. As you can see, the mittens reflect the beginning story of Wind Waker. Each mitten has half of the text knit into them, and the other side has Ganon, and then a little Link charging in. The main details are set in the mittens with stranded knitting, THEN I went back and added details such as Link’s face, hands, and arm details with embroidery. Ganon had details too, such as his horn and eye. I also added another triforce on the opposite sides, to add a little more color and because HELL YEA ITS THE TRIFORCE.

I LOVE these mittens and when it is cold here again, I will be wearing them EVERY chance I get. My husband is under strict instructions to only wear them with permission lol.  As you can see its very warm here already and the grass is green haha. They are 100%wool. Ive added that bottom picture for reference so everyone can see what the mittens are based off of, I don’t own it. :)


Freakin’ work of art mittens!

I mean, look at these things! That’s not just sweet colorwork, that’s legit crafting of a painting with yarn. I mean, Japanese Wave-prints and Van Gogh Starry Nights - but as mittens. And lets not forget Red Pandas. That’s just adorable.

It may already be so hot outside I start sweating just looking at a window…but gosh darn it I may start knitting all of these. Once I buy the like 17 colors of yarn I would need to do it right….

(and anyone else want to make those wave mittens into the world’s greatest sweater?)

The Great Wave, The Lost Jockey, Starry Night, Chrysanthemum, Firebird, Red Pandas & Pagodas