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27/4/2013, Saturday, at Nakano?

I think this should be at Nakano, I probably misread the information on Hyperdia and missed the express train or something, I keep getting stuck here and not able to forward to Kichijoji. No matter which side of the train I took I got U-turned back towards Shinjuku.

At times like this I depended on gut feeling. xD

I crossed over to another line and got to Kichijoji.

The Mitsuya Cider Ueto Aya is holding? It tastes pretty good!

Fukushi Souta is going to appear in another commercial. This time, it’s the commercial for a beverage called Mitsuya Cider (三ツ矢サイダー). According to Souta’s latest blog entry, he performed double-dutch in this commercial. Hope this commercial can be viewed by fans who don’t live in Japan too… *is hoping that Souta’s management will share the video on Youtube*