Lou Mitchell’s in Chicago, IL

Lou Mitchell’s is a Chicago institution—ask any local and they’ll tell you about the long lines for brunch and the basket of donut holes passed around to keep the hunger at bay. But it’s also exactly the kind of institution we love: loud and bustling, full of long tables and low counters where strangers break bread together family style, and home to enough tradition to give your grandmother a run for her money.

P.S.: get the apple and cheddar omelette. Sounds weird, but it’s actually amazing.

Can we just take a moment to even consider the hilarity that would be a Hedwig workout tape?

John in full 80s workout gear and full Hedwig makeup, wearing a wig, screaming at all of us for 30 minutes. Instead of a room full of beautifully skinny/toned people doing this workout, it would just be Yitzhak and the members of the Angry Inch, barely keeping up. So while Hedwig is screaming at us through our televisions, she’s also screaming at the people in the room. But Hedwig, naturally, isn’t going to spend the entire workout tape participating. Once something is demonstrated, she’ll sit down and watch and just fume about how shitty the people in the room are doing and how the same is probably true for the people at home.