anonymous said:

do you ship scomiche?

this is a lot harder to answer than you think. You see anon, *pulls out 16 page speech*

I ship scomiche as a friendship. Actually, no, they have something more than just friendship. They have a type of connection where they both can be stupid around each other and neither will think anything of it, a kind of love that isn’t romantic.  They can hug and cuddle on camera, with a possible 800,000+ people watching and not care. 


They can come literally inches away from grinding on each other and not let it affect anything or have it lead into anything more. 


And I dare you to go find a friend that you can do this with, then laugh it off: 


They haven’t let hundreds of thousands of people shipping them influence their friendship or weird them out. I mean, have you read some of the fanfic we write? (Believe me it gets graphic). And whenever they’re around each other, a smile is always plastered to their faces. They have a type of connection where you can spend every waking hour together and never het tired of the other person. How can you look at these gifs and not smile? 



I guess what im trying to say is, no I dont ship them. They have what people crave, a lifelong friendship.

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