American Horror Story: Coven: Misty Day [INFP]


Introverted Feeling (Fi): Misty knows what she’s feeling and acts on it, even if she doesn’t always share it with others. However, she does feel lonely and wants a friend (after she brings Kyle back to life she wants him to stay with her, even though he can’t). She has a strict set of values she follows. She’s individualistic, expressing herself through her clothes and connecting with Stevie Nick’s music (she believes that Stevie is a witch like her, and that’s why she relates to her so much). She’s kind and wants to find her true tribe, and she’s truly a free spirit. She doesn’t care about norms and is emotionally impulsive.


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Misty quickly sees the potential in Cordelia when she doesn’t believe in herself (“You’re such an awesome leader Miss Cordelia!”) and expresses it with enthusiasm. She’s very opened minded, rather creative and likes to look at the meanings, of what’s beyond. She sees the truth about other people, but is sometimes too stuck in the clouds and is oblivious of the things that are happenings around her.


Introverted Sensing (Si): Misty amazingly recalls information about Stevie Nick’s and Fleetwood Mac’s history, and can recite it by heart. She clings to Kyle after she’s taken care of him, because it was her who took care of him, and now they can’t take him away from her, because he’s hers. Her hell is a traumatic experience from the past (her in school having to operate a dead frog, and after she resurrected it she had to operate on a living frog).


Extroverted Thinking (Te): Misty isn’t very organized and quite humble. She has a hard time putting her feelings aside in order to take action.

Notes on the other characters: Zoe and Kyle doesn’t have much personality other than being star crossed lovers, but I’d say Zoe’s an ISFP, and Kyle has no personality whatsoever, but at first (before he was brought back to life) he seems like an ESFJ. Queenie is also an ISFP, while Nan is an INFJ. Delphine is a complete psychopath, but if I had to type her it’d be ESTJ. Myrtle is also an ESTJ, but a much healthier example of that type. For Spalding I’m thinking ISTP.

tristinawright said:

"Do not burn my clothes again." "That was one time." Something tells me Nick has that response to a lot of accusations. "Do not burn down the tent again." "That was one time."

Nick and Kelly are not allowed to share a tent anymore without adult supervision

"about that forest fire…" "that was one time"

nick getting literally hot just by looking at kelly when their relationship is still fresh

"nicko i thought you quit smoking" "i did" "but there’s smoke coming from you… nick, your shirt is on fire"