As for what I did get:

JV Jones: The Barbed Coil
-Looks like a “protagonist gets dropped in mystical land and quickly learns of a troublesome MacGuffin” story. This will probably be fun.

Janny Wurts: Curse of the Mistwraith
-Two opposing characters must learn how to deal with each other or world ends. The first in a series, something I didn’t notice when picking it out (I was looking for one-shots).

Lisa Goldstein: Dark Cities Underground
-I have very little idea what I’m getting into with this one. Supposedly sci-fi, all I know is that there’s an underworld and the protagonists get dragged into it and do some stuff.

Matt Beaumont: e
-A story of workplace conspiracy and intrigue told through a series of e-mails. It seemed artistically interesting.

You can expect me to write some single source essays for these, which I don’t expect you to read. The entire reason I got these was for practice.