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Well I think it is… most of the time… and I AM german xD

But the image that most non-Germans have of the German language is Hitler screaming his speeches out to soldiers, which they get from a lot of WWII movies/historical footage, but they don’t listen to German music or watch German TV or movies, all which give perfectly reasonable examples of German where it’s not being shouted violently. 

It’s like as soon as a velar fricative is introduced everyone thinks the only type of speech involved is violent hissing.

While it does have the ability to be a very harsh language, so does every other language. It all depends on how you say the words, not the general construction of the language itself.

  The tag game. Rules :

1. Post the rules

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones

3. Tag 11 people and link them to your post

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them

1. Your favourite book.

Please don’t make me choose :0 either The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, or any of David Nicholls three books (One Day, The Understudy, and Starter For Ten) :D

2. Do you play an instrument ? If so, what ? If not, would you like to and which one ?

No, but the acoustic guitar would be pretty cool *sighs longingly* ;)

3. Do you draw ?


4. If the answer to number 3 was yes, can you put a picture here ? If not, do it anyway.

**OK, so it’s not letting me post pictures here for some reason :( so I will do it in another post

It is a peach. I like peaches. So much I felt the need to capture its beauty.

5. Post a picture of yourself.

**See question 4. ;)

I do smile irl a lot. But I try to avoid burning people’s eyes with its full horror in photographs on the whole ;)

6. Do you have any pets ?

Yes, a dog called Louie **I shall post a picture in another post.

and a demented rabbit named Clover who, I’m not going to lie, scares the shit out of me. **I shall not post a picture of this satanistic being as you will not sleep tonight ;)

7. Jeans or skirts ?

Skirts. I never ever ever ever ever ever ever wear anything apart from skirts and demin shorts — is that weird?

8. Stars or moon ?

…stars :)

9. Favourite planet.

I like Neptune because it’s just so passive and chill, it’s like “Hey there, yeah, hey guys, hey, what am I doing, you say? Yeah, you know, just chilling, guys, yeaaaah..”

10. Favourite word in your native language.

Gah, so many words. “Liverpudlian” is definitely up there. As is “paraphenalia” and “memorabilia” and “nostaglia” and “realms” and “prisms” and… I’m going to stop now.

11. Favourite blog :)

There are many :D


1. What is the funniest gif you’ve seen?

2. John or Moriarty? (mwhahaha)

3. If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

4. Your thoughts on fairy lights.

5. Do you wear socks in bed? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one..

6. What’s the weirdest/most random ship you’ve heard of?

7. Do you give your fingers personalities/genders? If yes, expand please. :)

8. When is your birthday?

9. Do you or others think you were cute as a baby? Or are cute? I’m am not aware of your current age..

10. Have you ever fancied a teacher?

11. Have you seen how unbelievably perfectly beautiful Jude Law’s nose is? OMG, it is flawless. Your argument is invalid (unless you agree) which you obviously do, because, after all, how could you not? It’s Jude Law. It’s Jude Law’s nose. As I said. Your argument is invalid.



We care (Submission from mistow)

Anon, there are always people who care and are heartbroken afterwards…. even if you think there aren’t .. if the people you talked to about it didn’t seem to care, they maybe just couldn’t or didn’t want to believe you’re serious about it, maybe they simply didn’t know what to say… it is a difficult toppic after all… but you see there are people who care, look around this blog… total strangers who care! Of course we don’t know what you’re going through, and I DO believe it’s hard, otherwise you wouldn’t feel that way.. and life can be hard, always is, but it’s worth it and suicide should never be the only way… We care, let us help you or let other people help you, talk to us, talk to someone, don’t try to struggle through it on your own, all the same don’t give up, don’t think your life is worthless, it never could be … you’re not alone!