Adventures of a Jellicle Understudy

For the life of me I can’t figure out why I love this story so much. I mean, I enjoy CATS the Musical, but the mere premise of this story is the most nonsensical, foolish thing you could possibly imagine. And the author somehow had me coming back for more every week.


Give the story a look here and leave a generous review. You’ll definitely love it, as confusing as that may be.

anonymous asked:

YOOOOooo do 4 10 12 aaaand 19

4. Favorite composer(s)
Sondheim I mean really… REALLY. Hammerstein, ALW (I know I know) Schönberg idk I like most composers
10. Least favorite character from any show
god ummm this is hard, I guess Roxie Hart from Chicago she kind of annoys me a lot and I prefer Velma Kelly over her haha other than her, Mrs Trunchbull from Matilda but I’m p sure everyone hates her… also when I was a kid obsessed with Cats, I hated Mr. Mistofelees… lmao
12. Favorite musical number
Anything goes from Anything goes I think I love all the tap dancing. Or Wishing or the Final Lair or the whole score from Phantom… or One day more from Les Mis… Johanna from Sweeney Todd, Maria and also America from West Side Story, The sound of music,  No good deed from Wicked o m g don’t make me choose I love too many but lately it’s been “No one is alone” from from Into the Woods 

19. A musical turned movie you wanted to destroy
Phantom … HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHA. (but thank you 2004 movie for existing honestly, I used to genuinely love you, I still like Patrick Wilson as Raoul sue me) but also rock of ages even though I don’t exactly hate it, guilty pleasure… welp