Do you still have feelings for them?

"If you miss them, it means you still have feelings for them. Right?"

To this point I do not know. Missing someone can mean a lot of things. It means you can miss their loving words. Maybe even miss just their company. The person could be an old lover or an unconnected family member. For me right now, it’s an old lover. I blame myself for looking back in the past today. Several times I just wanted to cry, but instead I held it in. Why? I guess because I’m thinking “Oh, if I cry my counterpart will be sad that I still ‘like’ someone else.” However by being a teenager, emotions are automatically unstable. You don’t know whether it’s just simply missing a good friend or still being in love with an old flame.

mistletoad said:

Trisber/Amstan : vomit / no way / don’t ship / ok / fucking cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / flawless / ship forever / i will ship them in hell

vomit / no way / don’t ship / ok / fucking cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / flawless / ship forever / i will ship them in hell XD

That tumblr feeling...

Anyways I guess since I’m done with projects (well after this science one) I shall be going back to daily audio uploads of sorts and bunch of random posts/reblogs /o/ Peace out girl scouts. o/


 You’re on the brink of oblivion.

You see nothing but your imagination.
It’s tempting to live in this world forever, but then

you break.

 You can’t see anything except for that one thing. That one concept of an item that could be tightly grasped by your thoughts, only to be released.

Maybe that’s why people say you’re insane when you’re in love.

Sometimes... [A thing I thought of in my daydreaming.]

Sometimes I wish dreams are…
Sometimes I wish dreams are really a place you can go to.
Sometimes I wish dreams are reality.
Sometimes I wish dreams are guaranteed to come true.
Sometimes I wish dreams are forever.

Sometimes I wish upon a star…
for something better.
for some sign that I’m doing something right.
for reasons to see things differently.
for selfish wants.
for things I know that can never happen.

Sometimes I want…
a new life.
a new friend.
a new personality.
a new path to follow.

Sometimes I need…

Sometimes I wish that…
they will notice.
they will listen.
they will be first.
they will never leave me.

A Personal Update ;w;

"What you actually have a life out of Tumblr? ONE OF THE FEW ;A;"
(LOL Sorry had to say that)

But anyways, Yes, Yes I do.

I just wanted to share another story about my “forever crush”.
So, I guess I’ll just put it out that his name is Jacob and he’s probably the dorkiest boy in the world. (But he’s my dork so back off ;A; kthx)
Since Valentine’s Day this year, we’ve talked almost everyday. I found out later on that my crush on him is mutual (MEANING HE LIKES ME BACK AGHHHHHH ;w; +1 to Angel now? Yes? No? Okay… qq). Pls click read moar because I don’t want to fill up Dashes ;w;

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