i haven’t done as much sketching so i thought i’d upload a W.I.P animation that ive been picking at for awhile. Just the main poses and some breakdowns - still not 100% on the expressions but its something..ill probably adjust them later when I do my key animation pass . 

dialog is from a parks and rec outtake - character is a random rig that I made. 


My health insurance company sends me weekly reminders and tips.  While this weeks tip is quite valuable it is probably a few months too late for me :)

Ok so I goofed this weekend tumblr.  I was out running a few errands and was near by a Five Guys and decided I had been doing so well (famous last words) all week I could use a treat.  I got a burger and fries and it pretty much did me in for the next 24 hours.  My blood sugar tested the highest it has since I have started tracking and it remained high for an entire day.  I know it had to do with the overload of those amazing fresh fries. 

At first I was beating myself up for caving to one of my minds old tricks but then later I realized this was a good lesson.  It gave me a chance to see what this sort of food is really doing to my body (and believe it or not I actually did not feel quite right with the sugar that high - my vision in my left eye gets blurred especially when I have contacts in) as one example.

While I did not frequent Five Guys specifically that often (its pricey) I did eat burger and fries all the time.  I can only imagine what was really going on inside my systems when that was my only sort of fuel.

The good news is that after class yesterday evening I drove directly to that produce store and got there with 15 minutes before they closed.  I was able to grab everything I needed with about 10 minutes to spare and loaded up three heaping bags of produce (all organic I add) for under $30 including fresh walnuts and sun flower seeds each of which were about $4.50 so this place has really great prices on produce.  When I got home I immediately went into prep/chop mode so I have everything readily available for salads, saute’ and roasting this week. 

And finally speaking of my class - so as you know my final project was the Paris Pop Up book illustration.  The instructor LOVED it and could not believe I completed it in such a short period of time given the layers/complexity.  He then said - so now what are you going to do for the rest of the classes?  My thoughts exactly.  But actually I will use the time to work on other projects with deadlines.  For example I am going to be attending an illustration intensive being hosted by the SCBWI of IL with guest illustrator Matt Faulkner.  There is a contest we can enter that would allow us to win 3 hours of one on one mentoring with Matt by creating an illustration based on the layout guidelines and short story he provided us.  The event is April 18th so that is what I started working on.  And the instructor really likes me as he was really interested in that project and was even pulling up some websites with example illustration styles he said he would research to give it the look/feel they seem to be asking for. 

I am really glad that this is yet another instructor I have hit it off with, as that is one of the two main goals I set for myself with these classes - improve my skills and network, network, network!

i may be wrong but did d+p imply that they were going to be living in another house together next year??? i need to watch the broadcast again to see what dan said but im pretty sure that’s what they implied after/before counting the months they had left in the house??? idk ahh someone talk to me about this pls

Edit:Oooh the count down was about the book! Sorry! But I swear they mentioned something about ‘the next house’ though. I’ll watch the liveshow again when I can to confirm/deny. I might have just imagined/misheard sorrry

Edit 2: IM SUCH A SILLY. When dan said ‘house of the future’ I THOUGHT HE MEANT A FUTURE HOUSE THEY’D LIVE IN LIKE i diDNT think about the house in the announcement video and i just instantly forgot they were talking about waking up early to go find it and aksdhjakjshdkja basically im sorry okay this just proves im phan af im so sorry oh god


RWBY Relationship Week

Day 1: Yang Xiao Long / Neo

Words: 960



This was what they’d been waiting for - another rematch. 

It had been months since their last encounter on the train, months since Yang had been entirely and thoroughly humiliated at losing to the likes of Neo. 

But she’d been careless then, hot-headed, and impatient. She’d fought only with her body and not with her mind. She’d simply acted like a loose cannon, aiming punches and kicks that only met air every time.

But not this time. 

She wouldn’t be bested - not again. 

Not by her.

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