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Yeah but think about it. We all have bad habits so that person you are friend with must be a good person to get use to you’re habits. That is if you have any, but we usual don’t tend to see our own mistakes

Re occurrence could make a person mad. Seriously there certain people you could just say something to them and be blunt about it there are others you hold back because you know better. I don’t say all the right things all the time. But I hate begin put down and expected to get up again just ‘cause that what I always so. So yeah I am terid. 

*tilts head* you know you remind me dangerously of someone. Your way of writing anyways. This may sound creep but I hear their voice,  

mistakesmademe replied to your post: I like you a lot. You’re a nice kid. But I also feel sorry for you. You like a girl that’s messing with your heart. I hope you find someone who will really appreciate you and who doesn’t lie and trick you into believing things that will never happen. Good luck.

you are too sweet for words, i don’t think i’d ever be able to do that, proud of you

Sweet? Eh, perhaps im an idiot, but thank you.

mistakesmademe replied to your post: i just cut myself for the first time in my life and i don’t know what to do. i can’t leave my room because i’m in a fight with my parents and i’m bleeding and i put a bandaid on it but it’s way too much and it won’t stop. i’m so afraid. i feel like i’m losing my mind.

wash where ever you cut under warm water for ten minutes, dry with a clean towel, then put dettol anti septic cream all over it, put a fresh band aid over it, and tell your parents you hit yourself on the door