I made this summer of 2012 - presenting Alice from Alice Madness Returns.  I decided to do her misstitched dress since I liked the color and prints in it. I really enjoyed Alice Madness Returns - if you haven’t played it go check it out, its a game that knows what it is and it’s design compliments it theme so well.  

Character: Alice

Variant: Misstitched Dress

Source: Alice: Madness Returns

Worn at: Connecticon 2012

Costume Status: Active

Costume construction, wig styling, and modeling done by Yummy Gamorah (That’s me!) the Vorpal Blade was a shared effort between my boyfriend and myself :) It’s made of wood and sculpey. 

Hall photos by: Chrisjack

Awards: 2nd place advanced craftsmanship at Connecticon 2012

Random costume info:

  • The stripes on the shirt and the plaid print on the skirt were all sewn on since I couldn’t find fabric that would work properly for the costume. 
  • The petticoat for this costume is 4 layers of ruffled insanity
  • For the onstage performance of this costume i constructed 2 puppet ruins :) 
  • The vorpal blade is wood and sculpey.
  • I decided to go with a reddish dark brown wig for Alice since she has brown hair in the first game and after staring at her long enough in the character menu i decided that her hair had a reddish brown tinge to it. 
  • The buckles on the boots are actually for dog collars - i got a good deal on amazon for bulk dog collar kits and they ended up being perfect xD
  • The doll head on the bow was actually from a doll we bought at a thrift store - what we didnt realize when we bought it was that it had some electronics in - so when we started trying to scalp it the doll started lighting up much to our horror.

Reference image below -