lupinsuicide asked:

It's at a salon called on the fringe hehehe. Awww sounds good to me baba. Awwwwwww I miss you millions too!!! ilyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ooooo yay (: im excited for you! haha :D <3 Welll in a fortnight i can ring youuuuu, yes actualy ring you and not get cut off, and we can make plans :D woooo. Illyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxxxx

lupinsuicide asked:

Awww thank you so much darling. Just let me know when you're free to come over? I've found one to apply for so far baby. But I'm sure more will come up hehehe. Awwwww I miss you too darling & thank you so much for you're support. It really means a lot to me :). illyyyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(: As soon as I’m back you let me know when you have a free day or what not and we shall make plans! :D i wont plan owt so that way im deffffo free to come round :D Awwww ace! where is that one too? Awwwwwh baby anytime, i know you’d be fantastic! :D <3 ILYYYYYYYYYY MILLIONS xxxxxxxxxxx

lupinsuicide asked:

heyy lovely, would you let me thin out and style your hair and take pictures for a portfolio I'm going to make to take to hairdressing apprenticeship interviews? I think I could do some awesome pin up styles on you if you'd let me gorgeous :). It'd really help me out. ilyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Iyaaa beautiful. Course you can (: Do as you wish with my hair, please! haha Ohhh eyyyyy that sounds fantastic misssssy! :D decided to go for it then :D im gald! i think you’d be brilliant (: Did you find many apprentceships? (: ilyyyyyyyy & I FUCKING MISS YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx