Outfit of the Day: All Type No Face

Another set of shots taken by Curtis the other week.

The guys over at “All Type No Face” sent me this sick coach jacket with multi-color stitching on the back, which went really well with my Missoni x Converse! :)

This outfit is pretty casual, and is good for day to day wear. The jacket is nice and light so is perfect for the summer/festival season!

Jacket: All Type No Face

Dungarees: Goldie 

Trainers: Converse x Missoni available at www.SmallFeetBigKicks.com

In today’s installment of #SundayStories I discuss falling on the runway, the infallible Natasha Poly and why Balenciaga once had to wash their runway with Diet Coke.

Early in my career I was asked to lead the girls down the runway for the finale of the Missoni show. Some of the older girls asked me to not walk the entire length of the runway but to go half-way and then turn back so that the finale would be done earlier (Lazy models). Eager to fit in, I listened to them and foolishly turned back just halfway down the runway. As I did the unthinkable happened - I tripped on my over sized pants and fell flat on my face to an audible gasp from the audience. Backstage I was mortified but the models comforted me telling me how it eventually happens to the best of us. One of the last to come over was Natasha Poly who gave me a pat on the back and told me ominously “Its ok Coco…. but I’ve never fallen… and I never will”. Off she walked.

Fast forward to the next year, this time at the Balenciaga show where I was so excited to have the honor of opening the show. At rehearsal I went out on the runway and made no more than a few steps before I fell flat on my face. I remember thinking “oh my goodness, they’re going to replace me if I don’t get my act together!”. Right after me, the second girl also fell, and the third and the forth…. Every single girl slipped and fell on the very slippery runway except… you guessed it… Natasha Poly! It turned out the runway was a big problem for the models and there was talk of canceling the show as a the last resort. Then someone came up with the genius idea to wash the entire floor with Coca-Cola to make it more sticky on our shoes. It worked, and we all made it safely down the runway when it was showtime. 

To this day I’m pretty sure Natasha Poly has never fallen on a runway!