"I imagine what Aaliyah would look like today all the time"

Drawn (yes, DRAWN) by the incredibly amazing & talented @missodessa. One of the most gifted, sweet & stunning women I have had the pleasure of coming across. 

Fingers crossed that she releases this as a print to purchase soon because I NEED this in my life. 

Check out some of her dope work/pieces here

About Me

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1. What’s your name? I go by Lina but it’s Alina

2. When’s your Birthday? April 7, 1994

3. Where are your from? Florida but I’m Cuban & Guyanese

4. Do you have a crush? A shit ton but they’re too scared to admit they like me back 😂

5. What’s your favorite color? Baby blue & pink

6. Write something in caps? SHIT

7. Got a favorite brand? What use to be the Backstreet Boys or Nsync 😻

8. Favorite number? 2

9. Favorite drink? Shirley Temple

10. Tag 10 people : anasamazing daintygemini missodessa mitchelxo ninnna88 natalia19301 nimsidd addictingbeauty aaddictiv blacklatinaaa

www.missodessa.com The print is unframed and comes in 3 sizes $35/8x10, $45/12x18 and $65/16x20 inches.

⚠️Disclaimer: you may not copy, scan, alter or redistribute my art work in anyway. Please keep my text in tact.

Thankyou @missodessa // I can’t stand “photographers” who do this. Who cares if they can’t model, your job is to capture a dope image regardless if they’re an Instagram model, or a Victoria’s Secret model. If you can’t do that, then you shouldn’t be a “photographer”

I aspire to be half the artist that @missodessa and @markusprime_ are! This drawing is by @missodessa and yes i said DRAWING WITH PENCIL ! 😩😩😩🙌