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The rules are to answer eleven questions, then tag people to answer your eleven questions.

1) Do you like knitting?
I knit something about once a year, but yes, I like it. It’s quite relaxing.

2) Last thing you ate?
A cinnamon cookie.

3) Is your bed soft or hard?
Something between.

4) Any house plants?
Three living ones. And one died.

5) Current favorite game?

6) What book you’re currently reading?
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. And some more academical books that I’m not going to read from cover to cover.

7) Last song you listened?
Ma olen Tartu by Paha Polly says my youtube history, but I’m pretty sure more accurate answer is some Finnish pop song from supermarket radio…

8) What like is your pillow case?

9) Backbag or shoulder bag?
Shoulder bag is the first choice, but if I have extra equipments like swimming suit or sportswear with me then backbag.

10) Last dream?
Last night I had some really awful dream about an old guy who roamed in my old school area with a huge leaf blower. He had some problem with wombats that were hiding in the school…

11) Longest trip on this year?

Visited my parents. 260km and three days. In April or later it would be really nice to visit somewhere abroad.

My questions:
1) Your three favorite fictional female characters?
2) Do you have a camera? Do you like photographing?
3) What is the last movie you saw in theatre?
4) Which is more important money or time?
5) Why did you join in tumblr in the first hand?
6) Do you visit your parents more or less than once in a month?
7) Do you like tea?
8) The best body part in you?
9) The most used smiley in your texts?
10) What do you think about Valentine’s Day?
11) How many pair of socks you do have?

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missmunchkinz replied to your postmissmunchkinz replied to…

Ooooh I hope we can ; 3 ; I got the regular ticket~ It was gift from bf; he’s coming with believe it or not ; w ; ahhh~ and my fuku uniform is sax blue! Thinking of pairing it with pink and creme ! Or maybe lavender …

Either pink and creme or lavender sounds like it’ll look good! ;-;  That was really nice of him! Does he like Kyary too? My boyfriend was hesitant about going and now he wants to go but tickets are already sold out. lol I told him to decide quick but he couldn’t make up his mind.