Measuring Atmospheric Climate Change: NASA’s Carbon Counting Observatory Collects “First Light”

NASA’s CO2, greenhouse gas satellite has taken its first look at Earth’s carbon dioxide. Learn about this project, and what we can learn from it, at

Many of you are posting your concerns about everything happening in Iraq right now. You may feel pretty helpless, like I have. It is all so horrifying and it often seems there is nothing we can do besides pray.

But here is an actual way to help! My dear friends at Servant Group International have set up this fund to provide food, medicine, mattresses, etc. to refugees in Erbil, Iraq.

Please give to and share/reblog this cause - it is a very real way to be His hands and feet when we cannot actually be present to do so. (Also, look at the stats…it is absolutely amazing to see that almost 300 people have raised THIS much in 2 days! Praise be to God.)

mamabeezoe said:

Are you worried at all about the Ebola outbreak in Africa? What do you think about the American doctor who contracted it?

Well, considering that I’m not in Africa right now, I’m not super concerned for my own health. But it is pretty frightening. Ebola is the scariest virus I can think of, because the death rate is so high and it’s such a terrible way to die. What’s worse is that it affects people in developing countries, who are typically ignored by news outlets, drug researchers, and even health organizations.

There have actually been several missionary doctors who have contracted the virus now (I’ve gotten bulletins from various organizations I have connections with —not all of the cases have been confirmed yet). The scariest part for me is that one of the missionary docs is part of the post-residency program I recently applied for. To think that I could have been one of those docs in the danger zones is pretty scary, but it’s also really wonderful that these people are willing to risk their lives to help others. 

If you work overseas in tropical areas as a doctor, you have to be aware of the risks you take with your own health. You can be exposed to many diseases (geez, half of the staff I worked with on my last trip had had malaria in the last year) that can be potentially fatal. But you take precautions and just take comfort in the knowledge that your sacrifice and risk will help someone else.

Re: First Mission trips

For ermedicine.
My phone keeps eating the reblog, so I’m giving it a try this way.

Yay medical missions! I’ve never been to Haiti which is surprising because it’s like THE place people go for medical trips (or Guatemala. Don’t get me started on how there are like 150 other countries in the world who need help…anyway YAY helping people!)
Ok, let me go back in my brain to my
first trip…

First off, is this gonna be a mobile clinic situation or a hospital situation? I’m going to assume mobile clinic since they’re more common, especially in Haiti.

With your current super-secret work experience you should be a lot more prepared than I was for my first. You already have a good understanding of triage and patient care that I didn’t have.

You can be of use in a ton of ways:
- counting/sorting drugs to be given out
- taking vitals and triaging, which would include mingling among the masses of people waiting to be seen and moving the sickest looking ones to the front.
- learning, if you haven’t already, injections, phlebotomy, and lab techniques if you have a lab component to your clinic
- Assisting in minor procedures or even doing them if you catch on quickly (as a high school student, I was the earwax guru on my first trip- you’d be amazed how many bugs I’ve pulled out of ears)
- monitoring patients who may be in the clinic for a long time getting IV fluids or antibiotics or such
- assisting in fitting eyeglasses if this will be a component of your trip
- teaching the patients who are waiting to be seen about various health topics. Find out what problems are common in the area you will be visiting and prepare a few short 10 minute talks or skits on an elementary level. You will need the cooperation of a translator for this. You can use the translator as a narrator to tell a story that you (and others) will act out to help educate the people there on treatment and prevention of common problems. Have hilarious props and visual aids.
- keeping kids occupied. Every trip I’ve been on with mobile clinics had designated childcare folks to help keep kids from wreaking havoc on the clinic. You can educate them too with skits or puppets (who doesn’t love puppets) or simple crafts. We actually gave out kids toothbrushes on one trip and taught kids a tooth brushing song to help them learn oral hygiene.
- shadowing docs and taking patient histories
- if you don’t have anything to do, ask everyone if they need assistance. Always ask if you can assist on procedures too.

Things you should expect:
- total chaos and lack of organization
- heat, sweat, smells, and exhaustion
- you will see lots of problems your clinic is not equipped to handle
- large masses of people, some of whom you may have to turn away
- the necessity of changing plans frequently. Be fluid and go with the flow.
- at least 1 flat tire
- a mix of emotions ranging from culture shock, sadness about the state of poverty some of your patients will be in, joy from getting to help people, frustration with the language barrier, exhaustion, and excitement.

Things you should remember:
- your patients overseas deserve to be treated with the same respect as your patients back home
- cultural differences may get in the way of your perfect plan for fixing the nation. This is totally okay.
- local people are not Instagram selfie props
- eat the unidentifiable food. It is delicious.
- this is not a vacation. Work hard, but enjoy yourself too.

My Boyfriend the Spy

*SMOTHERS YOU ALL WITH LOVE FOR BEING PERFECTION* Hi! May I have NotMI6!Q catching Bond kissing a mark & him abandoning the mission to run after Q & confessing everything with people screaming in his earpiece? Preferably with a happy ending (because Q is smart and can tell that Bond is not lying & it would make Bond’s actions make sense). Would love it even more if Bond wants to run away and keep Q safe and happy at Q’s dream vacation spot — inalandofmythanditstimeywimey


[hugs tight after being smothered] Hello love, thanks for the prompt! This one was way fun to write! 

Also, this is my 200th fic! I have now written 200 different fanfictions!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the 600 Follower Fanfic Giveaway!



Q knew he lived a relatively average life. He worked as an IT specialist for a Fortune 500 company (it was amazing how many of those business savvy people could not operate a simple projector), lived in a relatively nice flat with his boyfriend, who managed international stocks. He had a cat named Boothroyd, he always brought his lunch with him to work, and he always walked to work the same route while he drank a mug of Earl Grey.

It was a good life, an uneventful life.

Until the evening Q saw his boyfriend kissing a woman in a five star restaurant.

The restaurant was on Q’s route home from work, with a large bay window which revealed the opulent interior to any passerby on the street. Q had, on several occasions, admired the lavish dining establishment. But he wasn’t looking at the restaurant.

He was looking at his boyfriend, who was supposed to be out of town on business, kissing a blonde woman in a backless dress. If ever there was a moment to have the proverbial rug pulled out from under him, Q would have said that moment changed everything. It was like he could feel his heart aching in his chest. How long had this been going on? Were any of James’s business trips legitimate? Had James ever been serious about Q?

Q felt like he was about to be sick. And the feeling didn’t get any better when James finally broke off his kiss with the mystery woman, and their eyes met.

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Is there some kind of Titans club to vent about one’s parentage?

Jericho wonders if he should start one. Every Sunday afternoon with cookies and tea, maybe. Perpetual silence has already landed him the unofficial role of Titans’ therapist, it wouldn’t hurt to just make it official.

There’ll be a signup sheet on the fridge door. Everyone ought to take a look when they have the chance.