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  •  If you could go shopping with any royal, who would that be?


  •  Favourite Royal Wedding?

CP Victoria & Prince Daniel’s.

  •  Favourite Royal Engagement Ring?


  • Favourite Royal Wedding Gown?

Princess Tatiana’s(of Greece).

  •  You were given the opportunity to spend an entire day with a royal! Who would that royal be and what would you do for the day?

At first I was going to say i would spend the day with Catherine or CP Victoria but then I realize that I could choose to go on a date with Prince Harry so yeah that’s what I would do.

  •  You have just married a member of royalty and are allowed to choose your own title. What would you choose? (princess/duchess/baroness etc)

Well I would prefer to be a princess but duchess would work too.

  •  Are you right-handed or left-handed?


  •  What colour eyes do you have?

Something between blue and grey.

  •  What would your dream engagement ring look like?

Hmmm I don’t know.Even though I love Catherine’s ring,I think that something that big would look huge on my finger so I guess a classic silver engagement ring would be the best for me.Or maybe something like Princess Tatiana’s.

  •  Your favourite royal residence/palace?

Palace of Versailles.

  •  If you were a royal and had a daughter, what would you name her?

So I’m gonna assume she is a princess because of reasons.She would be Princess Elena Amalia Caroline.

My Questions:

  1. Which is your favorite royal tiara?
  2. Which is your favorite royal family?
  3. When did you join the royal fandom?
  4. Which royal is your role model?
  5. Who is your least favorite royal?
  6. Which royal couple do you like the most?
  7. Name your three favorite royals.
  8. Whose closet would you want to have?
  9. Post a picture of your favorite royal evening gown.
  10. Which royal is the funniest in your opinion?
  11. If you could say one thing to your favorite royal,what would it be?

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