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Orbiter: OV-103, Discovery.  Discovery was built in 1982 by Rockwell International, and later served a long and storied history in NASA.  With 39 complete missions, Discovery had more spaceflights than any spacecraft to date.  The Shuttle became a workhorse for NASA, launching the Hubble Space Telescope and played a major role in the assembly of the International Space Station.

Mission: STS-48, the thirteenth mission for Discovery.  It’s primary mission was the deployment of UARS, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite.  UARS studied the effects of human effects on Earth’s atmosphere and ozone.  The Shuttle also flew the first electronic still camera in space, a modified Nikon F4.  The camera allowed images to be enhanced and viewed on laptops aboard the Shuttle, and sent back to the ground via digital downlink.  STS-48 was also the second post-Challenger mission to have it’s planned End-of-Mission landing site be Kennedy Space Center, though inclement weather forced the Discovery to touch down at Edwards Air Force Base.

Launch Date/Location: September 12, 1991.  Kennedy Space Center, Launch Complex 39A.

Crew: John Creighton (STS-51-G, STS-36), Kenneth Reightler, Jr (first flight),
Charles Gemar (STS-38), James Buchli (STS-51-C, STS-61-A, STS-29)
Mark Brown (STS-28)

Payload: Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, UARS, an atmospheric satellite designed to study the effects of human life on Earth’s atmosphere and ozone layer.  UARS carried 10 instruments, studying the concentration and distributions of nitrogen, chlorine, ozone, water vapor, and methane, the microwave thermal emissions from Earth, and the absorption lines of molecular oxygen, among other studies.

Landing Date/Location: September 18, 1991 (5d 8h 27m 38s).  Runway 22, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

every single corner of my divinity is absolutely beautiful and radiant, and i know this.. nothing will change this, nothing can change this - nothing can make me incomplete. i am whole. this shining path is mine to walk and this mission is mine to complete, and nothing will ever be able to stop me.. there are beings on this earth that need me and i shall never let them down !

Second half of the mission.

Like her Keyblade, I completely forgot what Coco’s HT design looked like. I have vague memories of a scarecrow, but then I happened across the Venezuelan Poodle Moth, and… uh, yeah, how could I possibly resist. I’ll probably make a picture where it looks more HT-y (I think it looks a little too bright and cheery here) later. I think it’s the purples… maybe I shouldn’t have used purples…

Anna Kamieńska, A Nest of Quiet

It’s literally until you don’t have dialogue when you get to that point of realising how much communicating we do with speaking and talking. I didn’t have that. I was super-aware of having just eyes to work with, but it made the job more interesting. Sebastian Stan on the Winter Soldier’s physicality


I did this corporate training thing once – I was blackmailing the CEO, long story  but they did this exercise called the trust fall, where you close your eyes, and fall, and wait for someone to catch you.