Rvb season 13 episode 8

Okay but you guys realize where this is going right? Hargrove is looking for an AI, and guess what the Reds and blues just so happen to have now? A new AI that Hargrove could easily obtain by illegitimate means, and an ALIEN AI at that. Double whammy for Hargrove. I’m willing to bet Felix and Locus aren going to complete their mission of offing the red and blue heroes. I’m willing to bet that Sharkface will end up being the guy in Maine’s old suit, with the new AI. And I’m willing to bet that Aiden Price might just so happen to get his revenge after all, after a nice little talk with his new buddy Sharkface and the new AI that he will know exactly how to operate.

✨ First Wildlife Centre volunteer mission complete!!! All 3 robins transported safely from one island to the next. 🙏🐤 I didn’t peek at them but I held this box on my lap the whole way and sent it sooooooo much love and peace. I’d say that was the most calm and grounded I’ve forced myself to feel in a while. Feel like this is going to turn into a meditative practice for me. Lots of love little birds!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Not a Part of the Plan Part Two

So here’s Not a Part of the Plan part deux! Nothing to do with going against plans, so in comparison to the title it doesn’t make sense, but oh well. I hope you like it! And again this is for blueberries-tickle-fanfics!

It’s been two weeks since the mission was completed. Two weeks since the night in the hotel room that they almost got kicked out of. Two weeks since Steve and Tony decided to start dating and start keeping the secret from everyone- well, everyone except Natasha, who knew just by looking at them- and it’s been wonderful. Great, even. So great, in fact, that Tony forgot about his soldier’s little revenge threat.

Steve didn’t.

So while Steve is thoroughly enjoying life with his genius, he’s also paying very close attention to when the best time to attack will be. When his genius is off guard, or at least easily tricked.

That would be on a nice Saturday morning.

Tony giggles, carding a hand through Steve’s golden hair as they stare at each other, smiling and alert but not ready to get up just yet. Steve leans forward and kisses the brunet’s nose, making him scrunch it up, and sends him a mischievous grin. “I still can’t believe we’re together.”

Tony laughs, running his fingers along his lover’s jaw. “Believe it, baby.”

“And out of all the ways to ask you out, I chose a cheap hotel room on a failed mission,” He says, shaking his head.

“I think you’ve got that backwards,” Tony says, smirking. “I clearly made the first move.”

The soldier laughs once. “Yeah, I doubt that. Who kissed who again?”

Brunet’s eyes narrow. “I was the one who got you to sleep with me,” He grins as Steve blushes.

“And I could’ve said no,” He says calmly, lifting himself above his boyfriend, settling on his hips.

“And I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be together if I hadn’t climbed on you,” Tony continues, watching Steve’s hands.

“I goaded you into it,” He says, resting hands against his lover’s warm belly. As a matter of fact, I haven’t gotten my revenge yet.”

Tony’s eyes widen. “You know, revenge isn’t really necessary,” Tony starts, reaching for his lover’s wrists, but of course they were pinned above his head with a giant hand.

“You had your turn,” Steve points out calmly, eyeing the exposed skin. “It’s only fair.”

“Fair is overrated,” Tony scoffs.

“You’re stalling, Stark.”

“Actually, staling would be saying ‘Hey look over there!’ and running for it.” Tony says, eyeing as the hand shifts slightly.

“Now it’s babbling,” Steve says calmly. Then he scribbles all over his lover’s warm belly.

“Nohohohohohho!” Tony says, screeching and arching even though it doesn’t make sense. “Steheheheheheheheve!”

“Yes dear?” Steve asks calmly, circling his lover’s outie.

“Stahahahahahahap!” He giggles, sucking his tummy in as far as he can. “Leave me alohohohohohohone,” He whines.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Steve asks innocently, flicking the outie and making him squeak funnily.

“No! Steve, come on, I love you, don’t do this,” Tony rambles, watching Steve’s finger get closer and closer to the outie.

“Sorry babe,” He says, meeting his eyes with a sweet smile. “Revenge rules are rules.” He says, leaning down and blowing a long raspberry on the outie.

“IHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!” Tony screeches, laughing in a pitch higher than Steve’s ever heard. Steve pulls back to take a huge deep breath as Tony yells. “NO! WHITE FLAG!”

Steve pulls away and looks at Tony with upturned eyes, his eyebrows raised and a smirk stuck on his lips.

Tony pauses, taking deep breaths. “You get one more and then we cuddle all day.”

“Hmmmm,” Steve hums, pressing a kiss to the outie and releasing his lips. “Fine, but only if I get to play some more.”

Tony sighs dramatically. “So greedy- no!” Tony squeals, laughing hysterically as Steve blows a raspberry, followed by nibbling the outie and the skin around it. “No, no, no,no,” Tony giggles, watching his boyfriend smooch all over his slightly red belly.

“Fine,” Steve says, kissing one last time before lifting himself up so he can kiss his lover’s lips. “You don’t have any meetings today, right?”

“Nope,” Tony says, snuggling into Steve’s strong chest. “For once I’m all yours.”

Steve just kisses his head, closing his eyes and enjoying his lover’s warmth.

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