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Partners in crime au - golly

Out of Control AU

Mission Cookie Monster

"She’s upstairs" Holly whispered into her walkie talkie. 

"You’re supposed to say over, over" Gail whispered back.

"Sorry." whispered the brunette, "over." she added knowing Gail was rolling her eyes. The blonde rolled out from her spot under the table.

The girls were on a mission for cookies, Holly’s mom said they couldn’t have any until after lunch. Gail couldn’t wait that long, Ruth’s peanut butter cookies were to die for and definitely worth getting in trouble for. It didn’t take much to convince Holly, just one quick glance of big blue puppy dog eyes and she was in.

Gail pulled herself up and onto the counter. She didn’t hear the footsteps as she picked up the cookie jar, it was warm which meant the cookies were too. She smiled mmm not only are they Ruth’s cookies they’re still warm.

"Mom said we couldn’t have any until after lunch.” Erin stated with crossed arms. Gail stopped dead in her tracks and turned slowly.

"Um. You want one?" the blonde offered, hoping Holly’s sister would take it.
The older girl thought for a moment, taking in the risk factor of being caught and nodded. Gail sighed in relief.

"Where are you? Over" sounded the walkie talkie hanging from Gail’s belt loop. She tossed the walkie over to Erin while she took the top off of the cookie jar.

"In the kitchen, what’s the eta on mom?" Erin spoke softly to her sister. "Over."

"She’s going your room and the basket is almost empty. She’ll be on her way down in a minute, hurry. Over" Holly replied, she seemed worried. Gail jumped off of the counter, gave Erin a cookie and took the walkie from her out stretched hand.

"Target obtained, move out. Over" she smiled into the walkie. Erin happily skipped into the next room, her cookie half eaten.

Gail tried to act casual as she walked down the hallway hiding the cookies in her sweater pocket. Holly was at the bottom of the stairs and together they crept in the ‘library’ under the stairs. As Holly was closing the door Ruth was walking down the stairs.

Gail sat in her usual spot and waited for Holly to sit in her seat. “Mission complete. Good job Doc.” she smiled at the brunette.

Holly broke out into her famous lopsided grin “thank you.” Gail put one of the cookies into her friends lap and ate one of hers in one bit.

"We make a good team." Holly stated, taking a bite.

"One of the best." Gail nodded.

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Krysten Ritter is likely Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Part of Netflix’s deal for four Marvel series focusing on members of The Defenders—a group that also includes Daredevil and Iron FistJessica Jones concerns a former superhero whose powers have brought her nothing but trouble, even more than that suffered by most superheroes. So instead, she opens a detective agency tasked with assisting superheroes. In other words, it is essentially a remake of Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23, only this b—— is a lawyer, she’s actually in a detective agency, and you should trust her.

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     Here, we have Mercury Control Center, or what we would refer to as “Mission Control” today. This center was active from 1961 to 1965, located at Cape Canaveral Florida, in a building near Launch Complex 14, where the later Mercury flew from. Once NASA’s needs outgrew this facility, all subsequent Mission Control centers were located at Johnson Space Center in Huston, Texas.

     The second photo in the set shows the Flight Director’s console, where Christopher Kraft managed every Mercury flight, and the first Gemini mission. Just as every succeeding NASA flight director, Kraft’s job description was simple - to ensure crew safety, and mission success, in that order of priority. Luckily, Kraft was able to prioritize. His team flew seven individuals into the uncharted territory of space from this room, and they all made it back in one piece.

     I’ve often read about the extreme tension the men in this room felt as they prepared for Alan Shepard’s first American space flight, or as they watched Gus Grissom nearly drown in the ocean during the post-flight recovery efforts while his spacecraft was sinking. Of course, this room has seen great celebration associated with America’s first manned space flight, or John Glenn’s first American orbital flight. If these walls could talk, I’d listen all day.


As the Eagle, the Apollo 11 lunar module, lands on the Moon with just 17 seconds of fuel left, and Neil Armstrong says “Engine stop,” CAPCOM Charlie Duke in Mission Control almost dies of relief. July 20, 1969.

Then Deke Slayton tells some excited folks to calm the fuck down. You didn’t fuck with Deke. Just look at Fred Haise’s expression.