Taylor, seeing you for the first time yesterday was so surreal it still feels like a dream! You’re literally the most special person I have ever met and over a short period of time you have become my everything. No amount of time with you could ever be enough, I need you always. Please come back to me soon, I already miss you so much.

10 Facts About You

Tagged by leubaek // Brenda!!! i miss you too. good luck in your exams!!!! <3 xx

1. Your nickname(s): Kim // (although, not everyone gets to address me by that.)

2. Your eyecolor: jet black // (just like my soul haha)

3. Your hair color: black??? idk, it’s dyed. 

4. One fact about you: Goats make me happy // (I’m serious)

5. Favorite color: mint

6. Favorite Place: bedroom

7. Favorite celebrity: Lily Collins and Audrey Hepburn // (I can’t pick just one.)

8. Favorite animal: dogs // (preferably a pug)

9. Favorite song: Moon River by Audrey Hepburn

10. Favorite book: The Picture of Dorian Gray 

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blingblues asked:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANESSA!! 💕💕💕 I'm hella late omg :cc I hope your day has been so much fun and hope that you have a really great year full of great memories!!! TB to when we met omg I'm so glad we have gotten quite close tbh ;-; You're the best and I love youuuuu <333

Omg, i’m the late one here~ Thank you so much Ariel ;-; your words are so kind and sweet and i so glad i’ve gotten to know you and talk to you about all our feels that are shinee and even life in general. Let’s continue this friends until shinee run out of eras LOOOOL which will be NEVERRR. haha i love you too and have an amazing day!