Otakon 2013: Missing Bunny


My friend Amy lost the stuffed bunny shown above at Otakon. He goes by the name of Phillip. She checked the lost and found for him but unfortunately he wasn’t there. I know quite a few tumblr users attended Otakon, so it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could spread this around in hopes that we can reunite Amy and Phillip. If you found him, please message me so I can get you in contact with her! Thank you guys!

This may be a long shot but...

Hey guys, I dropped my wallet on the bus on NOVEMBER 14th. When I went to the bank to get a new card later that day, they told me that someone had found it and was planning on returning it to a TD branch sometime soon. The thing is, my wallet was never returned to a TD branch. From what I can tell, the contents of my wallet have been essentially untouched. I have called every TD branch in the area to ask if someone had turned it in, but no dice, so desperate measures, oui?

If anyone in MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO found a BEIGE, GUCCI WALLET on the 44 SOUTH bus route on the morning of THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, please let me know and please return it. I boarded the bus at 7:36am and it was reported found at around 9:00am. I know someone has it, but please please please please find the time to return it. There is absolutely nothing of value in the wallet, but it contains some very important pieces of ID I need in terms of employment and travel.  I have a trip to the States planned for the first weekend of January, and I absolutely need my ID back by then to be able to cross the border.

If you go to University of Toronto Mississauga, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask your friends. Especially if you know someone who takes the 44S bus in to school.

Thank y’all if you’re able to help.

GISHWHES 2013 List of Items

In case the official GISHWHES site goes down (knowing the site, let’s say there’s a high chance of that happening), here’s the tumblr version. This one is rebloggable, too, which is nifty. Includes item numbers and point values - I’ll keep it updated in case any items are changed. As soon as the hunt is over, this list won’t be all that easy to find anywhere except here. Use it well, little scavenger hunters. Good luck!

[ see also: 2011 list // 2012 list // 2014 list ]

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Hey guys I’m bored! So I will make anyone who reblogs this post a dreamselfy that I think represents your blog(or someone specifically if you prefer)


Example of one I made for myself because I really want to dress like this okay. If you don’t want to reblog this post just send me something in my ask box! Make sure to have your submit box open if you reblog.


Still working with some in-SFM, non-Photoshop tricks. It would honestly make sense to just hack and edit the model at this rate - but I ain’t the person who knows how2dothat.

this is now my favourite miss pauling face ever look how cute she is i can't handle it

AFSFM tutorial for how to make your Miss Pauling model look like this (which is basically two hexed props and a reskin, also will be given in the cheat guide) will be released tonight.  

Natasha is a huge Harrison Ford fan girl, Han Solo and Indiana Jones are her favorite roles of his. Harrison Ford also has a restraining order against her due to one to many times of finding his stuff missing and a note asking for an autograph in exchange for the missing items.

Missing Items [Vallilian | Lamia]

Lamia. Riften.

These were the only directions the half Altmer held in order to find this….Lamia. The city during this time of evening was relatively quiet, shoppers just packing up their valuables and beginning to head home from their stands in the center market, and the lanterns around the city being lit up to keep the darkness at bay. It was an interesting little city down south, with various tall tales of soul thieves and other ridiculous stories being told to children in order to keep them off the streets.

Vallilian heard them all. Read them all. Did she believe them?….Perhaps.

She wandered into the city, bumping shoulders with a drunk who stumbled off the side of the bridge which linked over the small moat. She peered over the side and into the rather calm night waters. The burns on her face stung slightly from the cold breeze, temperatures dropping to a surprising low during the night. Vallilian grimaced, shaking her head in an uncomfortable manner and continued her walk to this information broker.

Inwardly, the womer hoped this wasn’t a waste of her time as she ran over the papers in her hands for a last time before raising her fist to the door.

Once, twice, she knocked with no holding back of the force of strength being hit onto the door by the curled hand.

Lamia. Leymea? How do you pronounce that...”She muttered under her breath, fingers tapping impatiently against her armored thigh.

Hey so, its been a few days and my 3DS is still missing and I’m starting to get really worried.

I know its a slim chance, but if you guys could do me a favor, if you know anyone in Pittsburgh, PA who spends time in the Squirrel Hill area or goes to Allderdice High School could you let them know about a missing Pearl Pink 3DS with a copy of Pokémon Y?

I’m really concerned it cost a lot and my family isn’t doing well financially and the game was a gift from my boyfriend.

It looks something like this



with light scratching on the top and the username is Louisa. Like I said it has Pokemon Y in it.

If anyone has a clue as to how I might locate it please message me on tumblr or by email at louisamolin@gmail.com.



The 35 clothing options that are present in the Inauguration Station, but not available at any store in the game.

On the plus side, I’m fairly certain that if you create a character in the Inauguration Station with the item and import them into the game, they work.  I can only vouch for a handful of these items, but the customizable Gentleman’s Tuxedo and Mary Ann shirts definitely are in the game, just not available to buy.

Edit: And before anyone says “but some of them are in outfits”.  Outfits are ****ing useless.  They’re almost always horribly coloured.

Better resolution image here:



Ultrarunning. A big race with lots of big name people. Ok, ok, it’s Wasatch. I know this just because I do, not because I remember certain aid stations by name or recognize aspects of the course. I’m here reinventing myself as a fast(er) runner, so I am going out hard. I get to the first aid station at the same time as Pam Smith, which is really like oh-shit-whoa. I figure that I won’t be around her for that long so I can savor this, but at the same time I’m feeling pretty ok - not like I went out too hard at all. Maybe this being faster thing might work. 

I fill up my pack. I get food. I have extra food in hand. I have sunglasses in hand. I go back to the aid station because I forgot something. I start out, right in front of Pam. Then I forgot something else so I go back again. But it’s ok, I can probably catch up to her. But then I stop and go back yet again. Why? I’m not sure. And then I realize that I don’t have my pack anymore. I don’t have my food. I don’t have a water bottle. And I can’t find them anywhere.

I ask everyone if they can find my stuff. No one can. I hunt around for many minutes. I’m pretty much in tears asking people to help me look.

I finally realize that I could try to run the next section with no water but that would end badly. Maybe I can get just a bottle from someone and figure it out from there. I ask my mom, who for some reason is now hanging out at the aid station, for a bottle. She can’t find anything useful. First gives me a cup with a straw and no lid. I indicate that running with such a thing would not really work. She finds some kind of bottle with a screw lid at both ends and that is determined to be acceptable. 

Some time passes and I realize I have a bottle but I haven’t yet started running again, but yet now I am at a later aid station. I ask them about continuing and they say that the cutoff for the aid station where I lost my pack is now past and I never officially left that station. So I’m totally screwed. I don’t know how all that time passed and I didn’t keep running. I don’t know how I got to the middle aid station. 

Dawn. I slowly wake up.

Challenge System

Hey guys! Just a quick heads up on the new challenge system. If like me you’ve allowed the Quartermaster in Burthorpe to search your bank and inventory for completed task items, be aware that he will search your bank first and your inventory second.

Today’s challenge had me smith 210 Adamant items, I turned in the task with 210 noted addy items in my inventory and had 2 left over. When I checked my bank it had taken the 2 addy plates I have for treasure trails.

Don’t agree to allowing the quartermaster to search your bank and inventory until this is fixed or you may end up losing items you need.

(Jagex are aware of this and are looking into it)