I am so very happy I got you hooked on skins, it is a wonderful show. NO, I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU AGAIN IN SHIT HEAD. You’re going down. I hope your not-date goes well and you get lots of free food. The boy likes you and no matter how much trouble he seems, you deserve to be happy. Have fun with your roommates tonight lol. It feels great to physically know people outside of tumblr.<3

jirrrachi asked:

Merlin? :]

Something I don’t usually tell people about myself: Hm. God, I have no idea what to put here. How badly I wanna just live in a Hagrid hut in the middle of the woods and have a bunch of animal friends and birds that land on my finger when I sing for no reason?

(Btw, I’m only partially joking. I really do want to live in a Hagrid hut in the woods and have like, I dunno, some kind of little animal friend or something. ijdk what I don’t usually tell people about myself :c )