Ethiopian Coffee are life! I need to go back to Ethiopia !👌🏾😍 but I hate how the smoke alarm goes off every time my mom makes Ethiopian coffee. 😭😲

Since I was talking about cafés in Asia, here’s a typical tea set for your reference lol (yes we use the word tea for that meal between lunch and dinner)
Here in hk, we can have up to 6 meals a day. Although many people may skip breakfast, lunch is still a must. Then, we have high tea(or just tea, we borrowed the word and add in some local characteristics to the British word) and dinner. But that’s not the end. If we eat out for dinner, we usually go for dessert(similar to tea) or tong sui afterwards. It’s possible that we still feel hungry after reaching home. If so, we would have siu yeh(supper), usually instant noodles or some local snacks.
Oh and one more thing, we have to take photos before we eat. This is the Hong Kong style.

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Dear __________,

Well I move outta my dorms Friday… amen lol I’m so excited to be free from the dorms lol I am not gonna be able to move out into my actual apartment though until after summer.

I have things I wanna do this summer, adventure wise and “professional” wise. I think I’ll make a list cause why not.


  • Go to a museum
  • Camp out & have sex on the beach (cause why not)
  • Go skinny dipping, which I’m surprised I’ve never done.
  • Go to Florida again
  • Go on a road trip; somewhere anywhere I haven’t really explored
  • Go to outside or drive in movie
  • Do something crazy spontaneous
  • Lay out and watch the stars all night


  • Save up for apartment
  • Make Knicks or Nets dance team (hopefully Nets)

Some of these goals or ideas seem stupid but I don’t really care. I have been wanting to do that kinda stuff forever. I am only young once why not enjoy it.

But besides that I have been missing my mom and dad so much. It’s crazy that when I had literally was 18 I came out to New York. I love it here and I wanna make it work and I’m going to, it just sometimes gets lonely. I’m actually grateful for the people in my life right now. I can’t always show it cause well I’m crazy but I am so grateful. even though sometimes I get sad and miss my parents the people I have here make it fun and make me want to stay and enjoy New York.

But anyways right now I’m at work in the school kinda dying of boredom. I only have like 2 and half hours left but it feels like a freakin year lol Life is good though…

Love Alway, Victoria Wade

(wearing blue dark jeans, new black open toed sandels, mom looking grandma shirt lol listening to nothing but this Air Condition)

The Bug

Haven’t been blogging in a while… Caught a nasty chest cold from Ariana and Danielle while trying to deal with Mother Nature’s wrath on my insides.

I don’t like getting sick because I know how dramatic I can get. Moaning. Crying. Coughing. Dragging around. But I haven’t been able to muster up any antics so far.

Wednesday night after singing and bouncing around with a blazer and no scarf, I felt a dry cough chest cold coming about.

Thursday morning the chest cold was more like a sore throat with a bit on delirium.

Friday night the NyQuil cough I gulped down took me from 30 to 90 on the “feeling worse” scale and now I have a runny nose.

By now, Saturday evening, I have taken NyQuil, drunken all types of teas and got some Amoxicillin from the pharmacy. All I want to do is get better. That’s all I want.

I want my Daddy. and my Grandma.