Favorite Disney princess? 

Princess Tiana. I mean c’mon, she was an inspiration for me as well as countless other African-American girls, and we practically have the same name!

Pancakes or waffles? 


Top three most handsome/gorgeous actors or actresses ?

Beyonce, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

Book adaptation that you demand be redone? 

Percy Jackson!

Favorite non-mainstream song?

 Riptide - Vance Joy

Best movie trailer of 2014? 

Stuck between Guardians of the Galaxy and The Amazing Spiderman 2…

New tv show that you’re most looking forward to? 

Not really excited for any new ones…but I am excited for Arrow season 3 and Bob’s Burgers!

Android or Apple? 

I have an Android phone…but I have an iPod…so…both?

Subject you wish you could take a class on? 

How to dance like Beyonce 101

Favorite quote? 

"It’s okay." - Me whenever someone confuses me for my twin!

Most badass film/tv scene? 

The Avengers, when they’re all standing in a circle, ready to combat Loki’s army. 

My questions! This is for my new followers!

1. You get a free slap to the face of any enemy, who is it? Fictional or not!

2. Honest thoughts on school?

3. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

4. If you could meet any superhero, who would it be?

5. Hobbies?

6. Adjectives that describe you and your best friend’s relationship?

7. Favorite song at the moment?

8. OTPs?

9. Most embarrassing moment?

10. Favorite day of the week and why?

11. Dreams for the future?