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Day09- Favorite Musical

The Muppets (2011)

This Muppets will appear quite a few time on this list. But of all the movies I feel like this song’s musical numbers were phenomenal. Above is the Oscar nominated song “Man or Muppet”. This movie used New and Classic Muppet songs which made for an all around great feelings moive. The only crappy song was “Lets Talk About Me” because Chris Cooper shouldn’t rap….ever

Day 1, Favorite Muppet:

wow, this is SO difficult to pick just one…so I’m gonna have to go with two.


Miss. Piggy - I feel like she’s such a cliché favorite muppet, but I deff understand why. Honestly, Piggy’s a fuckin’ badass! She knows how to love herself, and pamper herself, but at the same time she’ll karate chop someone’s ass if they get on her bad side or mess with her Kermie. She reminds me so much of myself, that sometimes it’s scary, aha. We both love to be glamorous, and love our glitter, we love being the center of attention and being on stage, and we both will get extremely jealous if any chick steps near our man. She’s such an enjoyable character to watch, and her love for Kermit is just adorable. 


Red Fraggle - Although Red and Piggy don’t seem to have much in common, I still feel so much like each of them. I LOVE Red, and I think she’s friggin hilarious. I love her competitiveness which much resembles my own, and her craving to always be the best. I love her spirit when it comes to winning and how driven she is to succeed; I actually often find it inspiring.