miss officer and mr truffles


I actually posted this video on a reblog of the post that lemonteaflower (her name, as mentioned in her tumblr, is Ami, but I just like to go with username, it’s always more fun that way) did of Miss Officer and Mr Truffles but it comes out on the dashboard as a wee little graybox that, when clicked, would open a new window up to my original blog post, so I decided why not do another post to just post up the video itself, so here it is.

As mentioned, this little animation is inspired by lemonteaflower’s Miss Officer and Mr Truffles post (Click here to see it), the last panel she did in that post to be more exact. The design of the characters I tried my best to follow her style but I rushed this animation out so it went off-model a bit (by this I mean, A LOT).

Still, it was fun and I enjoyed doing this little bit of animation. Song credits goes to Spice Girls.

An abridged history of Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles

A photo of a Canadian RCMP officer taking a pic of a young bear makes the news in 2011.

The photo gets famous on Tumblr in late 2013. Someone in the reblog suggests that it’d make a great cartoon:

An artist (lemonteaflower) creates 4 pieces of single panel art of the imagined cartoon about the officer and the bear. lemonteaflower titles it “Miss Officer and Mr Truffles.”

The ‘Miss Officer and Mr Truffles’ art inspires other artists to make fan art as well.

There’s drawings and animations and theme music and fanfic. There is an au crossover prompt. There is headcanon about the fancanonTHERE ARE NEW CHARACTERS. There are fandom complaints about how the attention to Miss Officer and Mr Truffles isn’t as big as it should be (deservedly so.)

This is an entire fan ecosystem grown out in a matter of hours, all without official canon (h/t Mike Rugnetta for the framework.)

Oh yeah, and thanks to DailyDot, the RMCP officer created a Tumblr just to say hi and show her appreciation.

This is beautiful and fascinating.

Update: DailyDot has done the deep dive on how this whole thing developed. Check out their piece here. Also: the CBC has a post.


I saw this pop up on my dash about a week ago and thought it was adorable.  

THEN, lemonteaflower started making some amazing art based on the idea…

SOON lots of people had hopped on the bandwagon with more art, stories, and even some animation!

LASTLY, THE ACTUAL MISS OFFICER contacted lemonteaflower to say she had seen the content and loved it!!


Watch on officialmoamt.tumblr.com


Support my KickStarter to make a 7 second animation of Tumblr meme, Spiders Georg. I’ll need about $200,000.

$150,000 - Merchandise
$10 - Pencils and paper
$49,990 - Ten-thousand 12-packs of Mountain Dew: Baja Blast 

Donation Incentives:
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They may not speak each other’s language but they both understand JUSTICE.
Quick comic because I keep thinking about Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles and how it would be the perfect cartoon.
Here Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles split up to help look for a little girl’s cat but Mr. Truffles found more than he bargained for. I don’t know if looking for cats is something police actually do but they don’t usually have bears as partners so it’s all good. 
S'all good. 


Wherever you are, whoever you are, I hope this brings some happiness into your day. (Via @smitchnz on Twitter. Created by YouTube user Flikkof. From the Tumblr post here.)

(I know a lot of you are tired of my Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles griping - please skip this post if you’re one of those people!)

An interesting tidbit about the kickstarter:

I noticed one of the stretch goals mentioned that Squishables had “agreed to make them a prototype” of a Mr. Truffles plush, so a friend and I emailed the Squishables team about it. My mate just got a response that said not only had they never even heard of the kickstarter, but they were unaware of a Mr. Truffles prototype design (they also let us know that they were going to look further into the matter).

Whether or not you support the project, it’s getting harder to deny there’s some really fishy business going on here.

EDIT: Here’s a screenshot of the email

EDIT 2: Looks like Squishables finally spoke with the moamt team. The FAQ on the kickstarter page now reads:

Originally, staff had wished to work with Squishable to provide a prize for reaching such an amazing goal. After some talking, both parties realized it would simply take too long from prototyping to manufacturing, and we wouldn’t want fans receiving their rewards months apart.

Not sure how much truth to that there is, but at least that’s one discrepancy  sorted out.