There is also concern that “anti-fat” talk in public health campaigns might further promote weight bias and discrimination. Therefore, it might be time to shift the focus away from body weight to health and wellness in public health interventions.
—  Myth: “A successful obesity management program is measured by the amount of weight lost” in Widespread misconceptions about obesity


I wasn’t so much comparing Sidney Crosby and Hilary Knight as players as I was trying to make a point about how ridiculous male players’ salaries are. The circumstances are different, but the point I was trying to make was that women aren’t being paid at all, while men are being paid ridiculous amounts of money to play a “different version” of the same game.

Also, I am about as big a supporter of women’s hockey as can be. I am closely following the NWHL’s growth, and I do my best to spread the knowledge and love of women’s hockey. There is obviously a great deal of excitement about women’s hockey here on tumblr, but my goal is to get people to talk about women’s hockey with as much passion as they do men’s.

I’m not attacking you or anything; just making my intentions clear, in case there was any misonception of the point I was trying to get across. I hope we can work together to give women’s professional hockey the respect and passion it deserves. Thanks!