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Why do you call ughsocialjustice anti-sj when they are clearly anti-social justice WARRIORS. if you'd read their blog you'd see that they are all for social justice, but against all the bullshit social justice warriors come out with..

Nope. Anti-sjws, faux-egalitarians, “real social justice” are all anti-sj in my book for as long as throw out ‘sjw’ to anything and anybody. Plenty of ‘sjws’ never identified as such, never identified as activists or anything else but are still labelled as sjws. Don’t get mad when the practice is turned back on you.

And don’t talk about these fucks being for social justice, logic, reason and whatnot when (tw ahead, racism, transmisogyny, homophobia, ableism, etc read the tags):

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Calling all women gamers

Hi everyone! I’m a trainee journalist, and for my final project I’m writing a feature about the harassment of women in gaming.

I’m compiling a video montage of women reading out the negative messages they have received. If you identify as a woman or nb and have had abusive, threatening or misogynistic messages directed at you because you’re a gamer, I’d really like to hear from you.

The messages could be things that have been sent to you via social media etc, or said to you whilst playing online. You would take the video yourself in your own time, and the style of the video means that you can choose to be completely anonymous & unidentifiable if you’d like.

If you think you might be interested in helping out or have any questions, please leave fill in this short form and I’ll send you an email with further details. I would also really appreciate it if you could signal boost this post, and perhaps tag friends that you think might like to get involved.

Thanks a lot!

Feminists, it’s not just a small handful of Feminists that are the problem, the problem is many ideas that have been allowed to grow within Feminism that are incorrect, harmful and sometimes hateful.

Ideas like the Wage Gap, Rape Culture, teaching men not to rape, objectification, that women who disagree with you have “internalized misogyny,” that men are violent more often, that women are victims more often, that women need a “hand up” in workplaces, that men can’t get raped, or are rarely raped, that trans women are just “men trying to be women” or that trans men are somehow “traitors,” that expecting a man to look good is ok but expecting a woman to look good is “misogyny,” that any time a women is represented in any negative way in media that is an example of “misogyny.”

And many more things, these are problematic ideas, and I do not agree with any of them.

Time to do some mental gymnastics, are you ready?! LET’S GO!

So according to some feminists it’s misogynistic to disagree with/hate a woman or anything a woman does/creates, right?

Well it takes a woman to make a man. To create a man you need a woman and a man, therefore men are in part created by women. And considering women go through 9 months of pregnancy to create that child the majority of the work is on the woman.

And because the woman created the man, if you hate the man it is misogynistic of you to do so. Ergo, misandry is a proxy of misogyny.

If you hate men you also hate women, you sexist fucker you.

Fat women oppress men by making them sad in their pants, Red Pillers complain

Fat women oppress men by making them sad in their pants, Red Pillers complain

The Militant Baker, oppressing men. Click on the pic for her blog.

It isn’t just “game” guru and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh who thinks he’s being oppressed by the existence of women who aren’t model-thin.

Over on Vox Day’s Alpha Game blog, the regulars are up in armsabout a Daily Mail story telling the story of a women who conducted a little experiment on OKCupid, putting up two…

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Men Kampf

I installed a Chrome plug-in that essentially turns the word “men” into “Jews” and “Tumblr” into “Germany,” so essentially all your bullshit feminist/misandry rhetoric becomes Nazi Propaganda. The best part is you can screenshot the misandrist rants and oust the poster as being a Neo-Nazi, which isn’t taken as lightly as a feminists.

It’s even funnier when you forget you installed it and begin wondering why Tumblr turned into the Third Reich overnight

Since I posted this little nugget of humor, I’ve gotten several pieces of hate mail from the most terribly marginalised group of all: cishet white men.

For those of you in this category, I have some life advice which involves shutting your goddamned privileged mouths.

You’re not the center of the fucking world. You aren’t, I’m not, and nobody else is either, for that matter. You may well have problems but so does everybody else.

Now, the fact that you are the most privileged group on the fucking planet does not invalidate your problems. You are allowed to have problems and acknowledge them and talk about them. I even encourage you to have problems from time to time; they build character.

What you need to wrap your thick heads around is that:

  • Feminism is here for you too. Feminism benefits you little shits as well by acknowledging the actual problems men face regarding unfair gender roles and their expectations of you. Things like male rape being ridiculed or that “men don’t cry”, not the fact that “you can’t pay compliments to women on the street”. You REALLY need to shut the fuck up about that one.

  • We don’t hate you for being who you are, we hate that you think your problems are just as important as people’s who aren’t as privileged as you are.

  • MRAs and “meninists” are giant hypocrites that don’t, in fact, want to help men and are only interested in taking down feminism to maintain their privilege.

  • And again, because I can’t stress this enough, you are entitled to have problems but you need to stop acting as if your problems should be taken more seriously than those of less privileged people.

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Hills! Yaaay! Pace wasn’t bad considering all the stopping and starting I did for cars. Everyone and their mother were out today and I pass a lot of parking lot entrances. There were more douchebags than usual today too. Some honks, clapping, and gawking but the creepy douche of the day award goes to (drumroll) green pickup guy! He drove on the wrong side of the road to park his truck across the sidewalk in front of me to talk to me. Ahhh sweet romance. I quickly flounced my happy butt into the street and around his truck and sprinted away. I usually like to leave them with a biting comment buuuuut this dude didn’t seem stable enough to handle that…he actually looked offended when he realized I wasn’t going to talk to him. Maybe I’ll start running with mace…Especially if I’m gonna keep up with my evening runs this summer. Anyways. 301 till 1,000 and 9 for the month.