i got dress coded for looking HELLA in this outfit >:-)

but seriously: restrictive dress codes promote misogyny and excuse sexist behavior. my education is more important than what I wear. 

as a lil experiment, please reblog if you think that getting dress coded for an outfit like this is ridiculous. 

Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, inter alia, the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women. It is subtle, insidious, and never more dangerous than when women passionately deny that they themselves are engaging in it. This abnormal obsession with women’s faces and bodies has become so normal that we…have internalized patriarchy almost seamlessly.

if you’re going to advocate for an issue, you might want to make sure it’s actually a legitimate issue, first. 

i’ve noticed many in this community of people has a hard time with definitions. consent is a big one and rape is another. rape, technically, is forcible entry of an orifice. that’s it. not a lot of women are going to be doing this for obvious reasons. 

sex assault, on the other hand, enters the bigger continuum of sex offences. this includes unwanted touching, invitation to touching, exposing yourself, unwanted advances, and yes, obviously sometimes, rape. 

not a lot of women out there are going to end up with rape charges because let’s just think about the physiology for a minute. but obviously there have been, are and will be women charged with sexual assault.

the post about women wanting to succeed more when in all-female classes is really important but also really saddening, because it means that by sheer male presence, women’s abilities are inhibited. our ability to express ourselves, our ideas, to congregate, to unify in general are very much inhibited by men just being around us. many studies have already demonstrated how women succeed more in subjects we stereotypically are weak in such as math when we write an exam without them in the same room. but the same logic is also applicable to other parts of our lives. our creativity, our right to self expression, our desires, ultimately any dreams we have for ourselves can be psychologically prevented because men are around. their presence is nothing but an imposition to women. 

Misogysts make me mad.

I can tolerate people being uninformed, but going out of your way to try to discredit and ignore serious feminist problems (that women have been talking about loudly) makes me mad.

This is in a response to an ask I got on my science blog trying to claim that because #girlswithtoys exists, that no discrimination in STEM fields exists because there are lots of women in them.


I’m a bit pissed off. I’ll reblog my response here soon.

President Obama’s new Twitter account, which now has the record for most followers in a 24-hour period, blocked an infamous page called “Meninists,” which promotes so-called “men’s rights” and mocks feminists, rape victims, women’s rights, and victims of abuse. Although the page claims to be a “parody,” it has amassed a large following of men (and some women) who openly show disdain for feminism or any female struggles in American culture. The page also routinely refers to women as “hoes” and “B**ches.”

The account, @MeninistTweet, has over 874 thousand followers. Now that President Obama has blocked them, he will not be able to see anything they post, and vice-versa. The page garnered controversy last year when it mocked #YesAllWomen (a hashtag bringing attention to rape culture) by poking fun at seemingly trivial matters they say women perpetrate. It’s nothing more  than pure misogyny in the guise of ‘parody’ so people won’t hate on them too much.

The page found the President’s blocking to be quite humorous, posting:

Smh wtf @POTUS pic.twitter.com/6T774PHiTW

— Meninist (@MeninistTweet)

May 18, 2015

While a bunch of high school and college aged boys make fun of women and make a joke out of the country’s very real and very dangerous rape culture, the President is taking the higher and more mature road as usual. Why would the President, who supports equal pay for equal work and feminist ideals, want to see a page that is openly hostile to those notions?

The President sends a strong message to women and feminists across the nation. He has two gracious daughters and undoubtedly respects and admires his equally intelligent wife. It’s no wonder he wouldn’t find humor in such an account. Whether the page is in fact a parody or not, the struggles of women, like any other class of people, is no laughing matter to joke about or make fun of. Especially when those jokes are at the expense of rape victims.

Good for President Obama for sending a strong message. Hopefully the teens and young adults the page targets will catch wind and abandon it too.

I can’t wait to see the butthurt from angry men unfold.

H/T: Ryan Denson at Addicting Info

rape victims aren’t rhetorical devices! we aren’t “gotchas” to attack people you don’t like, we’re real people and we will tell you what hurts us, because you don’t get to decide that for us!

Another flaw I noticed:
>tried to fuck my rapist post-rape.
This would imply that you only reported it as rape days after intercourse, and wanted intercourse again. Why would you want intercourse with your rapist?

tumblr user antifeministarmy telling a rape victim they’re a liar!

for anyone who doesn’t believe this shit actually fucking happens all the damn time!

One of the easiest ways to piss me right the fuck off is to say women “don’t respect themselves” when they dress or act a certain way.

Like excuse you? I think you meant to say that YOU don’t respect them when they dress or act that way. Some pretty thinly veiled misogyny right there.

This is a game-and it’s impossible for men to win, because if women do something better than me, that’s just evidence of their superiority. If men outperform women, that’s proof of discrimination- retrograde patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

Christina Hoff Sommers, (source)

And this is why I love her. She is a feminist that acknowledges the problems in the movement.

Story time:

So I’m in Kohls today and I decided to go get some t-shirts from the guy’s section. So I’m searching the racks, alone cuz my mom left, when I’m approached by this older man. Not too old, late fifties probably, but he’s got this “traditionalist” look about him. So this interaction should be fun. “Miss?” He says. So I say “yes?” “You’re in the wrong section.” “Um, no?” “The women’s and teenagers sections are over there.” “I know, thanks, but I’m looking for shirts here.” “But this is the men’s section.” He says. I’m sitting here thinking to myself, why does clothing need to be gendered and why is this old man talking to a teenage girl- alone? So I explain to him “yeah, but I’m looking for guy’s shirts.” “For your brother?” “No. For me.” “For your boyfriend?” “No,” I repeat, “for me.” I stared at him for a few seconds, accusingly and annoyingly, causing him to question why he’s telling a stranger he doesn’t know who significantly younger than him what to wear. He goes to say something else so I just say “have a nice day. ” and walk away, and as I’m walking away I hear him muttering under his breath that girls should stay in the girls section. Like um sorry didn’t mean to cause you to question your masculinity with a piece of fabric that’s a third of the price of girls’ shirts. This is why I need feminism: because some old white misogynist man decided to tell a young teenage girl- shopping alone- what to wear, and that clothing needs to be gendered. THAT is why I need feminism.