Feminists want there to be no gender wage gap or rape culture.
When you show them shit that proves there is no gender wage gap or
Rape culture, they lose their shit.
Suddenly you’re a misogynist, neckbeard dude bro and the reason they need feminism 0-0 but the wage gap and rape culture still don’t exist in America 0-0

I realize that it’s a very common thing for men to tell a woman what their opinion on her body is. And to insist that she keep her body in the shape that is most appealing to him, regardless of how she feels about it. Even if she is not in a relationship with him. (It doesn’t matter if they are in a relationship or not). Even if she clearly said that she is happy with her body and doesn’t want to change it. Yes, this entitlement is very common. That doesn’t mean I have to tolerate anyone who displays it, especially from someone I previously considered a friend. *unfriends*

This lowlife claims that the oppression of alpha-males in the USA is worse than the oppression of Jews in Nazi Germany and of blacks during slavery. 

This hollow shell of muscles and misogyny thinks that men can own women, and physically dominate women who don’t do as they please.

This skidmark on the pants of history tried to rape is ex-girlfriend and beat her to a pulp because she was carrying on with her life.

This, folks, is the epitome of MRA beliefs. That men have a right to women, that men can own and control women and that restricting either of those is oppression. 

Fuck this guy, Fuck MRAs and Fuck anyone who thinks this guy is anything but a pathetic caveman too off his man-tits on testosterone to grow a frontal lobe.


Hey guys, I want to tell you about this really cool dude I met. His name is Evan, and he’s a gingah. I don’t really know what a gingahhh is, but I imagine it’s the sound you make on a hot day after you’ve had a nice long drink of an ice cold Canada Dry and you’re feeling particularly refreshed.

Anyway, painfully boring urls that only a cishet white boy could come up with aside, Evan is a piece of shit. Oops hahaha did I say a piece of shit I meant REALLY COOL GUY. SO COOL, in fact, that against all rhyme, reason, and basic human decency, Evan the gingah likes to go around reblogging the selfies of women and trying to insult them, as if absolutely anybody on the planet cares about what his itty bitty baby dick likes. Because it’s not enough for this HERO of a man that people have different preferences or that larger ladies are allowed to love themselves - NO! The very idea of a woman not being ashamed of her weight is SO OFFENSIVE to this gingah headed keyboard warrior that he is taking a stand for baby dicks everywhere!!

Sure, Evan is such an ungodly sad sack of shit he can’t even fathom the idea that women don’t exist solely for his viewing pleasure. Sure, it probably chaps his freckly bright white ass that these ladies get more love and adoration in a single post than he’s gotten his entire life. And I mean, yeah, he probably cries himself to sleep at night with nobody but his cum stained pillow girlfriend to soothe his man pain… But forget about that! Forget about the fact that his gingah existence is so pathetic that he literally has to make himself feel better by attempting to hurt women for the crime of happily existing in bodies that do not please him… evanthegingah is cool.

He’s edgy, even. In fact, he’s so edgy, I bet nobody has ever thought to shame women for their bodies before. I bet he sets a trend that launches entire industries based on shaming women for not fitting the most rigid standards of beauty. Because he’s just that cool.

In fact, he’s so cool, I bet he calls people “faggot” on his blog. evanthegingah is so cool, I bet he says things like “let me play devil’s advocate…” and demands that “fake geek girls” name five marvel villains that have never appeared in any of the films (and verifies it on Wikipedia later.) he’s so cool, I bet a Black guy said he was once. evanthegingah is so goddamned motherfucking Marty McFly on a hoverboard cool, I bet this baby dicked gingah bastard has both class AND swag!

evanthegingah , everybody. A tumblr hero. Saving us all from confident ladies, one reblog at a time.

One way to think about Damsel’d characters is via what’s called the subject/object dichotomy. In the simplest terms, subjects act and objects are acted upon. The subject is the protagonist, one the story is centered on and the one doing most of the action. In video games this is almost always the main playable character and the one from whose perspective most of the story is seen.

So the damsel trope typically makes men the “subject” of the narratives while relegating women to the “object”. This is a form of objectification because as objects, damsel’ed women are being acted upon, most often becoming or reduced to a prize to be won, a treasure to be found or a goal to be achieved.

sometimes, when my fiance and I are hanging out with friends, someone will make a sexist comment.  Then my fiance gives me a look like


and watches with a grin as i proceed to rip that person a new asshole. 

he feeds me misogynists to decimate on a molecular fuckn’ level. 

and this pleases me. 

white ppl are always quick to point out black rappers in terms of using women as props when the whole topic of Miley and Katy and TSwift comes up but try to bring that shit up about country music and fucking Aerosmith and Guns n Roses and White Snake and all of a sudden it’s like “nope you’re being too sensitive we’re celebrating women’s bodies by making them dance naked on the hood of our car.”

The comic lets us lionize a white dude FOR BEING WHITE – and lets us feel good about it. Because it’s “progressive.”
And that’s fucked up.

You want to lionize a hyper-privileged white dude? Fine, but don’t act like his whiteness is some kind of progressive triumph.

You want to like Captain America? Go for it. You can like Captain America. You can think he’s great. I certainly do. And I don’t have any interest in changing Steve Rogers’ race or gender at this point.

But don’t try to justify Captain America’s white male aryanness as some kind of progressive coup. It’s not a progressive coup. It’s not social justice-y. It’s not spitting in the face of naziism. It is the product of white male supremacy, both in the 1940s and today.


Why Captain America is (Not) Perfect 

(Finally got around to responding to this fucked-up idea that Captain America is the most “perfectly conceived” character in the Marvel Universe BECAUSE he’s a white aryan dude) 

anonymous said:

I was at London Pride, I'm white and bi, I felt physically sick at what some of the marchers were chanting and it makes me sicker that they were particularly targeting black bisexuals in the group. I later went to uk bi con and anti-racism was brought up a lot at panels and I'm sad to say, while progress is being made, I feel a lot of white bis don't consider racism to be a problem. I hope with that comic going around some minds will be changed bcs we need to fight this, Pride is not post-racial

Needless to say I am hoping that 2015 bi con will be the bi con that focuses more on the intersection of race and biphobia and involves more bi poc in attendance, hell the opportunities are endless, though I don’t know where to start we could spread the word and stuff? Also thank you for running this blog I have learnt so much from it.

It’s going to take a lot more than a comic (no matter how much we love, agree or identify with it) to change how black bisexuals & other POC are seen & treated at different pride events. I do agree that it must change & that there is a need for the intersectionality of race, gender & sexuality in all combinations to be discussed.

There are people like me & not like me who are falling through the cracks, or even worse being pushed out of their communities because of how they look or identify. Racism at pride events, sexism in our racial & ethnic communities, biphobia in both. It’s very difficult yes, but more hurtful & harmful than anything. We should not be made to feel isolated from or made to fear a community in which we’re supposed to feel (and be) safe.

See this Zoe Quinn shit? This is exactly the reason I don’t call myself a “gamer”. I don’t want to be associated with this toxic bollocks.

I love video games. I play them every day. I fucking spend weeks writing and drawing and putting together big critical analyses about video games that end up stretching to half an hour. But I am not a gamer, because there is a latent violence there. A palpable frustration writhing away under the surface. The worst one I saw perpetrated against a male was the Call of Duty thing, when people threatened to murder a man’s entire family because he extended a gun’s reload time by 0.2 of a second, or some shit. The worst one I’ve ever experienced personally is being on the receiving end of expletives, before being told I’m retarded, which is objectively not a great thing to say to a total stranger whose worst crime was not being the best Engineer at Team Fortress 2.

Fortunately for me, I’m male. So I don’t come under the worst of it: no, that’s reserved for people like Anita Sarkeesian, who has the unmitigated gall to point out that the representation of women in video games is less than ideal. Anyone can see that. A child could see that. I don’t agree with everything she says, but her underlying point is manifest and demonstrable. Except to gamers, who threaten to violently rape her and her family, for having the sheer audacity, the temerity to point out that maybe Princess Peach getting kidnapped every second week is kind of setting the representation of women back a bit.

So that leads us onto Zoe Quinn. She (apparently, and if she ever gets a hold of this I am so sorry I have to discuss the sex life of somebody I’ve never even met) slept with somebody to works at Kotaku. Who cares? I mean, besides the two parties involved, of course. Then, Kotaku (inevitably, it’s one of the world’s biggest game sites) reviewed her product. Not the same guy; the same website. This was all revealed by an angry ex who (quite blatantly) had an agenda. This is the story as I understand it; I can’t hope to know the truth, I don’t want to know the truth. But this is the story as it is being presented.

Now, of course, in an ideal world - sorry, no, scratch that - in a sane world, that wouldn’t even be news. But nah, because she’s a woman, and because there’s the slim potential for getting away with a bit of misogyny, gamers have leapt on her, mouths foaming.

People have offered the thin justification about corruption in games journalism. Uh-huh, right. So why is it that they’re targeting the game developer, rather than the journalist, in this hypothetical scenario where someone - anyone - did something wrong? In fact, for that matter, why are they not going mental at the bigcompanies, the ones that are blatantly buying review scores, the ones that don’t need all the publicity they can get because the second theyfart Kotaku’s on that shit to write about what they had for lunch?

That’s rhetorical. It’s because they’re not women.

The most galling thing is how stubbornly these people will hold onto their misogyny. There is an almost desperate grab to maintain it in these cases: the slightest inkling of wrongdoing on a woman’s part and all of a sudden there’s a mob. They were waiting for this. Their moment has come.

When I do my fucking inconsequential videos about the shooty woman I get comments like “Don’t get me wrong, I love a desperate hussy as much as the next guy,” and have my reasoned points dismissed because I drew a picture of an arse as a joke. I don’t mean to compare my situation to Zoe Quinn’s, of course. But it shows how ready these gamers are to clutch onto their misogyny: to justify their hatred of women to themselves by screaming “feminazis!” the second anyone points out an injustice, or even an incongruity, towards women. Thus far I’ve received ignorant but mostly harmless comments on my videos. I shudder to think what would be being said were I female.

Does anyone remember that fighting game tournament, where the guy said that misogyny was a part of the culture? He is, unfortunately, quite correct. That is game culture. These are gamers. I am not a gamer. I am something else.

(Edit: To make extra-specially clear, my point is here that it doesn’t matter what she’s done, this kind of abuse is unjustifiable. Unfortunately, it’s also commonplace. If it were a calm, reasoned call-out, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but it’s actively violent!

Apparently there’s some wrongdoing on her part I’m unaware of. In that case, we need measured, calm discussion. Perhaps a petition? Not harrassment and violence. That just makes people who play games look insane, as well as obfuscate the actual potential issue.

Anyway, offski. Peace out.)


As if you needed another reason to dislike MTL Blog today… Here comes this gem from them titled (ehhh) 10 Types of Montreal Drunk Girls (brahhh). With a little editing, it pretty much sounds like it’s describing victims of acquaintance rape. But don’t worry, it was written by a chick!! Possibly in exchange for Nutella amirite???


“I wanted to be a fashion writer but they would just send me to club events and told me to get ‘pics of drunk sluts’,” said one former contributor, who expressed reluctance to discuss her experience there, and noted that Lapointe and McRae were nice to her, “if a little douchey and insensitive at times.”


There is this driver at the pizza place I work at and I have gotten into several arguments with him. Today he comes into the store talking about how he saw a 6’2 woman wearing five inch heels and how he doesn’t approve of it bc not only did it make her look ridiculous it also made her intimidating to him. First of aLL that woman did noT need his approval of her shoes or her outfit bc she can wear whatever the FRICKITY FRACK she wants and you know what? She was kiLling it in those shoes. So what if it made her taller?? She does not need a mans approval or for that matter, anyone’s else opinion bc honestly it’s her body her wardrobe and everybody else should just back the fuck off
Second of all she looked InTIMIDATING?? Fuck yea she looked intimidating bc she probably wanted to kick his sexist judgmental ass.
I hope the driver found her scary as hell I hope the sight of her sent shivers down his fricking spine bc she is a confident heel wearing tall as fuck woman and he knows that she can kick his ass
He went on to explain that “all women” were looking for taller men and he doesn’t understand why we wear ridiculous heels bc that just makes us taller them than men and he doesn’t like to have to look up at us
not ALL women are looking for taller men also we wear heels because we feel fuckinf confident and sexy in them not for the pleasure of men fuck THAT
Also are you fucking kidding me you don’t like to look up? I hope his personal hell is looking up at tall confident intimidating women
And I hope it scares the hell outta him I hope he feels like most women feel everyday. I hope he has to deal with all the judgement and I hope he can’t walk down the street without getting yelled at I hope he can’t feel safe out at night I hope he feels intimidated and scared by all the women out there just like how women are scared every fucKING day
I want him to know that fear and I want him to remember that the next time he comments about how he doesn’t like it when women look intimidating
Sorry for all the anger but this is also the same man who told me what I should and should not be wearing and then implied that I should be raped bc of it. I was wearing a tanktop. He also comments on my hair choices. I dyed my hair purple a while back and he asked me why and of course my answer was because I wanted too. Why the hell not? His response was “that’s not good enough of a reason” HELL FRICKING YEA ITS A GOOD ENOUGH OF A REASON ITS MY HAIR NOT YOURS BACK THE FUCK OFF MY HAPPINESS AND HAIR DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOUR SEXISt and MISOGYNIST OPINIONS