I started to write this as a piece that precedes Souvenirs, and while it does flesh out more of Kyr’s what-if story (this probably will eventually fit into the Blue Grey canon), I think it helped coalesce some of Miskatoniq’s personality as well.

The only story I have on Miskatoniq so far is Edification, and in that one, he’s just learning to accept that the Force is more a part of him than he realized. It’s not something that he turns on or off, not something he “chooses.” It just is, and he should allow himself to become more aware of it as part of himself. In this story, Misk has progressed a lot further in his ability to sense what others around him feel and thus can gently guide them in the directions they need to go. He’s really a very soothing kind of guy.

The title is a play on several things: Tyen’ikyr’iskatel’s assumed name means shadow (all three of my Legacy names mean shadow); the Chiss have shadow children, which Kyr now (sort of) is, in that he’s no longer known by his family name; Kyr’s own feelings about Ger remain partially hidden from himself; and Miskatoniq is a Shadow tank.

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