Out there somewhere there’s a universe where season 9 went right. Where Cas first sat at the side of the road and watched the misty sun rise on his tired human face, where he screwed up using a microwave and Sam rescued him, where he marvelled at the growth of facial hair and Dean chuckled and noogied his bristly cheek; a universe where he learned to swim, first scabbed his knee, learned what it’s like to cry at something fictional, and Charlie explained why; a universe where he went after Metatron without his grace, without a flock or an army, without anything except a trunk full of weapons and two smart little boys who grew up heroes. A universe where Cas is a friend, not a plotline.

At first I didn’t know how to handle

the soul crushing punchline of this joke

but then I remembered I’m in the Supernatural Fandom and

Other fandoms must think we masochists 


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