Remember how Misha was talking about Destiel at the last con and said that it would be hard to have an angel for a boyfriend because he’d be popping in and out all the time and then he’d be a wavelength of celestial intent and then literally inside your mind and that just seems like a rather untenable situation.





Misha Collins is the Coolest Guy on This Side of Awesome Town

Have you seen him? Met him? Stalked him online? Learned everything you could about him?

If you don’t know who he is, he’s right up there. And down over here:

His old resume says one of his talents is “acting on camera”. Other talents include building a house basically all on his own, making freaking furniture, Tibetan throat singing, directing awesome things, being the best/worst troll ever, supposed EMT training, poetry, and having a Guinness World Record.

Did I mention he started his own charity? That’s built stuff in Haiti and done some really awesome things? Or how he had to live on the streets for a time during his childhood? Or how he worked for the White House? And NPR? Started an educational software company at one point? How he went to University of Chicago? How he paid for college on his own? How he used the skills that put him through college to build his own house, furniture and all? How he’s a published freaking poet? How he has two adorable children and a writer as a wife? How he renewed his vows with his wife while he was in a wedding dress and his wife was in a tux? How he has a small youtube series with his son?

In general, Misha Collins wins at life. He’s the best, worst, most confusing person in the world and he will probably succeed in his plot of world domination.

I just don’t think anybody can stop him. There’s already been a Mishapocalypse. What more of a sign do we need?

During the Supernatural Signing at SDCC...
  • Interviewer:Misha, you've been to Comic Con as a fan before and now you're a panelist. What's the best part of being here on the other side?
  • Misha (serious face):You know, I'm such a huge Jared Padalecki fan that just being able to sit next to him and actually be able to punch him in the arm is my highlight.
  • Interviewer (doesn't get it):Oh how nice.
  • Jared:(laughing and shaking his head)
  • Fans:(laughing)
  • Me:(laughing)
  • Misha:*grins*
OMG GUYS I typed in bouncingbabynames.com just to try and this is what the url changed into: http://greatestinternationalscavengerhunttheworldhaseverseen.com/test/


It’s Christmas eve and my best friend turned up at my door to give me my present and upon giving it me, she demanded I opened it then and there. This is what she got me… I love her.