National Holiday

“Why do we have to do this?”
“Jensen, do my dreams mean nothing to you?”
“Why are these your dreams?”
Misha sighs deeply and holds the phone out of reach, looking pointedly at the menu sitting in front of Jensen.
“Say it correctly and then we can order,” Misha says.
Jensen lets out a groan.
It had all started on May 12th, when Misha noticed a tweet informing him that it was National Nutty Fudge Day. Misha, hardly one to pass up such a sacred and momentous holiday, had called a local bakery and ordered two 13-by-9 inch pans of it. Then he and Jensen settled down on the couch.

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archangelimpala asked:

I am laughing so hard right now. I would have reblogged the reply but my mom follows my blog semi-regularly. I already hit her with enough Destiel to choke a horse so I'll avoid adding my own penile adventures to that. But thank you. I'll let my husband know his dick is the talk of the town (next to Misha's of course).

He should be very honored! Only VIPs (Very Important Peens) ever get featured on my this, my very own trash blog. ;)

Oh god though! I can’t believe your mom follows you on here! You have nerves of steel, I think my mom would keel over dead if she found my blog! I can’t believe yours has a Tumblr!

even if there are a handful or a few ppl celebrating jared being not at the con (and honestly that’s horrible if there are) don’t act like ppl wouldn’t be doing a fucking confetti throwing happy dance if it were misha in the same situation.